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Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique Offers Safe and Comfortable Environment with a Wide Array of Pet Grooming Products & Services

Premiere Pet Groomerie and Boutique Offers Selection, Technology, and Knowledge of a Large Pet Store With the Passion and Dedication of a Small Grooming Business

St. Petersburg, FL – October 8, 2014Splash and Dash for Dogs ( is one of America’s go-to sources for all things pet-related. Priding itself on being a big box pet store, yet remaining personable and compassionate like a mom and pop business, Splash and Dash implements the best of both worlds to customers globally.


“With a connection to customers being an integral part of the company’s business model, Splash and Dash created a signature bath membership, where members pay a monthly premium to bring in their pets for unlimited bathing and brushing,” says CEO Dan J. Barton. “Along with this, members also get the opportunity to receive other grooming services as well.”


At a three-year growth rate of over 2000% annually, Splash and Dash for Dogs is featured as one of Inc. 500’s America’s Fastest Growing Companies for 2014.


As an innovator in the PET Industry, Splash and Dash offers the following services as well:

  • Pet taxi – Splash and Dash will pick up your dog and bring them home after. They even pick up items from their pet store boutique for clients. This is perfect for those with disabilities.
  • One Stop Shop – They offer all the services and products you need in one location. Whether you are looking for dog grooming with nail polish or an embellished collar, you will find it there.
  • Free Online Training – Splash and Dash’s online courses will teach you about dog nutrition. This will help you to ensure you are feeding your pets the food they need to be truly healthy.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – This is their Founder’s Promise. Every product or dog service in their pet store comes with a money back guarantee from founder, Dan J. Barton.
  • Technology – Splash & Dash embraces technology that improves their customer’s experience in the pet store
  • Rotational Diet Experts – They believe a rotational diet is the healthiest option for your dog. Splash and Dash can assist you with getting your dog on this diet.
  • 10 Point Wellness Review – This is an exclusive Splash and Dash service that looks at 10 key points of your pet’s wellness including: teeth, gums, mouth, skin, coat,overall physique, behavior, eyes, ears and nose. You will get a print-out showing you the overall wellness as well as suggestions for how to improve this.
  • Pet IQ Tracking – You will get updates throughout your dog’s visit to Splash and Dash so you will know right where they are in the process.

The boutique offers a wide selection of goods and products for customers including: dog food, cat food, collars, leashes, beds, bowls, treats, chews, toys and wellness products.


Currently, Splash and Dash is offering franchise opportunities for aspiring business owners in the pet industry (which is currently bringing in a yearly revenue close to $60 BILLION). While other franchises have a strict division between franchisors and franchisees, Splash and Dash are your partner in success, as they have created an atmosphere designed for mutual growth and success. With this opportunity, franchisees receive powerful branding, proven marketing materials, expert training, a recurring revenue model, and the lowest franchise costs in the industry.


Splash and Dash currently has locations in: California, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Maine, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah and Australia.

Contact Dan to learn more about Splash and Dash pet franchise opportunities

To learn more about our company or franchise opportunities in your area, please contact:

Dan Barton, Founder & CEO
2822 54th Ave S, Suite 236, St. Petersburg FL 33712
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