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Splash and Dash Pet Franchise CEO, Dan J. Barton, Radio appearance on the James Lowe Show

HUTCHINSON, KS – Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique owner and CEO, Dan J. Barton, will be appearing on the James Lowe Show July 18th at 7pm.  Dan J. Barton, the highly successful Pet Business Coach, elaborates on how he revolutionized the pet industry with a recurring revenue stream and lucrative clientele. He will be discussing the many aspects you want to consider when looking for the right business opportunity.

According to Dan J. Barton, “Many people think the only way to be successful is to buy a business that is already established. However, if you really dissect all the variables, you will find that a pet franchise can be every bit as lucrative as a pet business.”

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About Dan J. Barton

Dan J. Barton is not only the CEO and founder of Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, but he is also an entrepreneur and accomplished author. He is known in the pet industry as The Pet Business Coach.

After working in the gym and fitness for many years, he decided to change industries and go into the pet industry due to his love for his pets. The first store he opened, Hollywood Premier Pets in Palm Desert, CA went on to be an award-winning store. He then used the experience he gained in the fitness industry to model the membership program for dog bathing. This is where he created Splash and Dash. The revolutionary dog bath membership became an instant success in the pet world.

From there, Dan took this concept and opened it up to licensing. This allowed other pet store owners to get the same success as he experienced with his company. He also opened Splash and Dash up for franchising. During the little free time he has, Dan has also written a book called Stop YOUR Bitchin’ and Start Making REAL money! This book is designed to help pet store owners be successful.


About Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique
This is a company that offers both a full-service grooming salon as well as a pet boutique. What sets Splash and Dash apart from the other grooming salons is the monthly bath membership. This allows users to pay a monthly premium and bring their pet in as often as is needed for a bath and brush. There is also a high-quality boutique which offers eco-friendly pet furniture, toys, and accessories as well as healthy dog food and treats.


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