Two Simple Ways to Sustain Your Pet Store Franchise

Starry-eyed budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business veterans can all benefit from taking the time to make their passions succinct. This is important when researching and owning a pet store franchise shop.

For the neophytes of the pet store franchise sector, many want to get involved for obvious reasons: the industry is recession proof, the average consumer spends over $1,300 on a single pet in service and food per year, the industry expenditure for 2016 is projected to end at $62.75 billion with over 100 million American households owning a dog or cat, and of course this a endeavor that takes one’s dream and turns it into a capitalist adventure.

But, these trends and statistics have a tendency to excite prospect shop owners. (They should. They’re exciting). This also tends to lead some prospect owners to oversimplify the process— all attention and focus on their vision, and not the reality of the hard work in their future.

To keep all the challenges of the road ahead in perspective, those interested in owning a pet store franchise need to translate their passions into a business model that sustain their success.


Loving What You Do

The first kind of passion is obvious—love. This is the ultimate reason people decide to open a pet store franchise. Money aside, everyday owners make an amazing impact on their local community as a leader. The pets that come into your shop will be treated with loving hands and in this seemingly evanescent way, shop owners get to make the world just a little bit better.

This perk will give you the energy to keep going.

Developing Your Operating Skills

This is the trickier part.

The reasoning behind choosing a pet store franchise over doing it solo is the guidance and support you will receive from a franchisor. A good corporate headquarters should be at your disposal—holding your hand through the whole process.

Corporate offices should facilitate your research, opening, and set you up for a pathway to success. Corporate teams should be a call away.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique aims for shop owners to break even on their investment in six months. The company’s business model and implementation strategy ensures this.

It is also imperative for shop owner success that owners are acquiring and practicing management fundamentals. Owning a business requires adaptability. You will be constantly developing your professional skill-set. From initial due diligence, until the day one retires, small business owners are continually acclimatizing to the environment of business.

Work on your business not in it.

A Pet Store Franchise is Your Baby

Think of your future shop as your “baby.”

During “infancy,” AKA due diligence, this will be the roughest period of work. Projects, like hiring a contractor, completing an initial stock order, and hiring employees, need to happen during this time.

As your shop matures and approaches your soft opening these are the “toddler years.” Shop owners will need to work on tasks like local marketing campaigns, managing their team, and merchandising the retail space of the shop.

In the teenage years your shop should be approaching self-sufficiency. As an owner, you have adapted to and perfected a return-on-investment timeline and back-office operations should be solidified.

Now you can watch your store grow and expand into what you dreamed about when you first realized you wanted to own a pet store franchise.

This is only tapping the iceberg of the monolith of exciting challenges of being a small business owner. If you combine your love with your professional skills you are much likelier to achieve success. You are as passionate about what you do, and just as passionate about how you do it. The scaffolding of the dream is just as vibrant as the dream itself.

We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique wish all interested luck, and hope they find the perfect fit.


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