Translate Your Leadership Skills into Sales in the Pet Retail Franchise

No one invests in a pet retail franchise based solely on financial reasons. Yes, you can make some great money owning your own small business, but the underlying reason many invest into the pet retail franchise is because it gives them an opportunity to do something they love—a small business with their name on it that is rewarding and that shop owners can be proud of.

There are varying schools of thought on different methods of leadership for small business owners. The Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique model is one of altruism.

This pet retail franchise article will explain how to take this abstract concept of caring leadership and apply it to business practices.

Sales Goals met with Care in the Pet Retail Franchise

So how does caring tie into leadership and sales goals?

Let me pose a question.

In one sentence, what is the key to leading people? Now there are a lot of cliche ways to go about answering this question. Arguably within all these cliche, yet truthful responses is the elemental idea of caring. When you show a person, an employee, a customer that you care, the engagement you have with this individual can be more honest and productive.

Applying this to the pet retail franchise sales floor is the best way to gain traction. Not only will you build more clientele, but the clientele you retain will be more trusting of you—credibility. Your staff will be more apt to reason with you. Shop morale boosts and the business goals of your shop will happen at a much quicker rate.

You are the Face of Your Shop

Every customer should come in and see your expertise.

This means knowing about your product, the value which is an extension of products beneficial facts. Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique shop owners are known for their conviviality, so let this characteristic be a showcase for yourself and your shop.

Your goal should be to show your customers you care.  Shop owners want customers to make the healthiest decision for their pet. Premium dog food can be expensive. You want your customers to know that you are steering them to make these decisions because of the health benefits for their dog. The same premium food that you have on your shelves is the same food that you give your dog at home. If customers make a small investment in more premium foods this is preventative care for their dog. Choosing a food that has no fillers and limited processed ingredients—but is more expensive—inevitably leads to a healthier gut.

The same is true of the unlimited monthly membership. (Unique to Splash and Dash in the pet retail franchise). When dogs’ skin and coat are cared for regularly this decreases the chances of dogs developing skin disease and hair matting. Also, having a trained eye observing a dog will help spot out problems earlier when they are more easily treatable.

You should be able to define and instill the value of the monthly membership in 30 seconds. This means not only believing in the monthly membership, but being able to convey to a customer why it would be worth it—convenience, affordability, and exemplary service.

These are the tactical elements of transforming your caring nature as a small business owner into high sales goals.

Ask Questions

The key is understanding your customers.

Empathize with them. What is their motivation and rationale behind either (a) seeing the value in the monthly membership or (b) declining to sign on?

As shop owners, you inherently understand why the monthly membership is vital for a pet owner’s convenience, but put yourself in their position. Ask them questions about their lifestyle.


  • Do they struggle to find time to run their errands throughout the day?
  • What other businesses do they visit in the vicinity your shop?
  • How often does their dog need to be groomed?
  • What is their primary concern with their dog?
  • I.e How can Splash and Dash make their pet parenting experience easier?

Once you get the answers to these questions you can start to form a genuine bond with customers. You can then show them how the monthly membership can help them and most importantly their dog.

If they shop at the grocery store across the street from your shop, show them that while they grocery shop their dog can get their grooming. If a customer’s dog is prone to ear infections, inform them on the medicated shampoos and bathing methods that your shop uses to prevent this.

Many have trepidations about being a “pushy” salesman. Wise, Splash and Dash is not a used car lot. It is a pet retail franchise that operates on a basis of love. We want customers to have an all over positive experience inside shops and the key to facilitating this positive experience is to have the mindset of caring. Show your customers this mindset. Inform and educate them on how Splash and Dash can benefit them.


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