How the Workforce is Changing

Diverging Nature of Business World Makes a More Dynamic Economic Playing Field in the Job Market and How Franchises Continue to Innovate

In the past twenty years the economic nature of work has shifted in America. Forefront organizations and top franchises are the leaders of this dynamic shift.

The work has changed, and so has the way individuals do their work. The advent of modified management theory, materials, and technology are some of the explanation behind deviating work culture. Even the pace at which these innovations lead to changing the workplace is quickening.

This article aims to detail how changes in the workforce are impacting the pet franchise, retailers, and how to stay innovative within a constantly changing enterprise.

Differing Management Tactics

Managers used to manage by observing. Seeing employees work and intervening when necessary was the main tactic. Employee value came from staff being instruments of work, not instigators of ideas. Creativity stifled, and when ideas were valued, they came from a specific department–the one that was hired to be think creatively.

Now, management teams like to engage with employees.

Business organizations want to attract, develop, and keep talented and inspired employees. Managers aim to invest company resources and professional nurturing so their employees can be sharp and innovative.

Top franchises, start-ups, and mainstream businesses are adopting these contemporary management styles. Franchise owners are encouraged to, when ready, become a leader in the franchise and expand into a multi unit owner.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique encourages creativity by welcoming comments and suggestions from franchise owners. New systems are put into place with varying perspectives considered. This allows for a communal platform of innovation.

The pet franchise works on the company, not in it.


In 2016 it is imperative for large multinational corporations and small business owners alike to embrace international connection.

Connectivity across seas is becoming the norm, and a recent survey conducted by Organizations Solutions, stated that 30 multinational corporations report a 75% increase in virtual teams. These companies also responded stating that 69% of these teams report to a leader outside of their country.

The advantages of virtual conferencing, telecommuting, and cloud computing are numerous. It allows for more mobility, collaboration, and perspectives.

What does this mean for businesses and top franchises?

Many economists state that the intellectual property, brand, and guidance of American franchises are valuable to those abroad.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique has expanded internationally, and modernizes technological capacities for shop owners and corporate headquarters to maintain the competitive vantage points the franchise has.  

The Cloud Technology

The more business that can be done via cloud computing, the more expedited, less risky, and achieved projects become. Cloud software or computing refers to practices hosted by the internet to store, manage, and process data.

E.g. an international business has their creative department located in New York while accounting is located in Tokyo. Accounting department heads need to approve a budget before sending the directive to executives. The two departments can modify, converse, and collaborate in real time using cloud technologies.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique continues to use terminal software for the same reasons of staying competitive.

Workplace Expectation of New Generations

With material shifts also come societal shifts. Generations X, Y, and the millennials are all impacting the layout of the workplace. These new generations of workers enjoy choosing when and where to work with the ease of working remotely bridging the gap between on and off site work places.

Also important to these demographics of workers are life-work balance. More companies are taking huge measures to design corporate offices with balance in mind. Modernized offices cater to the demands of these changes.

This is not limited to large business organizations.

Top franchises with small business owners are one of the reasons for this innovation. Many are using franchising as an exit strategy when they were resentful of the conditions they were working in. Many thought, ‘If you don’t like your boss, become your own boss.”

Franchise unit owners have the freedom to design a schedule and workplace–with company branding–around a suitable arrangement for themselves, and their employees.

Retail Space is Changing for the Updated Consumer

The online shopping experience is motivating retailers to innovate their store fronts. Many retailers main competition is the online market, but retailers in top franchises provide services that internet pages cannot. Customer service matched with updated technology makes customers, preferably, visit the shop, over shopping online.

Retailer applications are carving the path for digital shopping for customers that visit stores. Developed apps host loyalty programs, pay for products, feature promotions, and even offer product price comparison.

Top franchises like Starbucks’ app-based loyalty programs have gotten rid of old ticket punching loyalty programs. These outdated methods led loyal customers to earn a free coffee after so many punches. Instead, customers present their app and points are rewarded this way.

Applications also bridge the gap between top franchises retail space and their social media. 30 percent of surveyed respondents said that they “bought something after seeing it on social media,” according to Synchrony financial.

Top franchises like Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique have designed terminal software to make a customer’s dog grooming and retail experience a convenient and engaging experience every time. This is one of the many advantages that make the pet franchise unique.

Top Franchises Offer Keys of Innovation

Many with entrepreneurial dreams of owning their own small business have become exasperated with the limits of typical careers. Instead of settling, they chose to invest in a franchise, and now have the desired salary, location, flexibility, management, life-work balance, and passion in their career.

The advantages of going with one of the top franchises instead of going solo are clear. For animal lovers, Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique presents a communal platform for innovation. Shop owners answer only to themselves, and when they have creative ideas, corporate office not only listens, but integrates these ideas into the business model.

The company has expanded overseas. With use of cloud based terminal software, any issues, questions, or ideas are completed in an expedited manner. Training is done in person, through virtual conferencing, and on-site. Franchisees have help throughout the whole experience that leads to success.

Life work balance is built into being part of Splash and Dash. As a shop owner the work will be intensive at first, but you always maintain the ability to control your own schedule. The enriching part of owning one of the top franchises is that your salary is controlled by yourself. There is no earning cap. The system of recurring revenue the company has built ensures financial success.

But above all, Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is proud to help individuals who are fed up in working in passionless job. The company helps animal lovers and entrepreneurial dreamers to build the career they are dreaming of.

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