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The Process of Running a Pet Grooming Franchise

You’ve financed your pet grooming franchise, built it, and now it’s time for the big day: Grand Opening. There’s more to a pet grooming franchise than the startup and while it may feel like a large weight has been lifted as you open, things are just getting started. Here are some things to keep your eye on as you move from the startup phase to running your own business.


Maintain Your Business Plan for Your Pet Grooming Franchise

Probably one of the most important parts of running a pet grooming franchise is keeping a constant business plan. You should have written one while you were still in the ‘planning’ phase for your pet grooming franchise. A business plan is a living document, meaning it will want to chance as your store and situation changes. Keep a copy of your current business plan handy and constantly be referencing it or editing it as you see fit for your business. This will be a key to success as you watch your budget, inventory, employees, and make goals.


Network. Network. Network

You can never have too much support when it comes to running a business. Make goals to meet with members of other local businesses, communities, and perhaps clubs in your area that might be excellent allies for your pet grooming franchise. Join associations, carry business cards, and talk about your business often.


Manage Inventorybest_dog_groomers

Even if you’re not running a supply store, as a pet grooming franchise, you’ll have to make sure you have plenty of brushes, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes, razors, scissors, and so much more. If you’re running a boutique with extras like food, treats, toys, clothing, beds… a carefully managed inventory is going to be important so you don’t lose or damage product, order too much or too little. Keep a list in excel and constantly update it to match your inventory when something is thrown out, how much shampoo you have, and definitely a list of product you have vs. what you’re ordering. Remember to rotate your inventory regularly and the rule of first in first out.


File and Organize Everything

You’ll want to keep as clean and organized a filing system as you can. As a business owner, you will have lots of papers coming in and out from employee and legal paperwork to inventory, invoices, ordering forms, and so much more. By keeping a clean filing system, you set yourself up with success.


Manage Finances

You will have to manage the cash drawer at the front of your pet grooming business, the bills, money in, money out, employee payroll, and inventory costs. The filing will help keep all these papers in order, but you will have to do the math. If you’re not so great at finances, hire somebody to manage the monetary side of things for you. Just remember, the smallest mistake in your finances can cause a major headache in running your business so be as accurate as possible and stay on top of it.


Manage Employee Relations

As the owner of a pet grooming franchise, you are now the boss. You will have employees who will bring in their own personality, quirks, and woes. You will need people skills to train and speak with each employee and their unique situation. If you have any trouble communicating with certain employees, consider seeking an ally in one of your other employees that may understand them better, but never feel bad if your personalities just aren’t compatible. Sometimes that happens too.


Manage Customer Relationspet franchise

From interactions in your pet grooming franchise to talks over the phone and even messages on social media pages like Facebook or Yelp, be consistent in your public relationships. Part of public relations intertwines with marketing. As you provide excellent service online to just answering questions, others will see and you will see an increase in referrals and business.


Manage the Financial Side

You will have payroll, utility bills, loans, and tax to pay attention to. Another great reason to keep a clean, well-oiled filing cabinet. The easier all this paperwork is to find, the easier your job is. Don’t let the financial side of things slip your mind and if you’re not number-minded, hire someone to handle the financial side of things.


Know What You Do

Problem Solving is the number one job for business owners, including pet grooming franchise. Know that if something goes wrong, you will be the first and ultimate decider in how to fix it and your employees will expect it. Do not be afraid to delegate tasks. While you are the owner and the end of the line for rules, don’t think you have to do everything on your own.


What About The Wash?

Now that you have a basic list of responsibilities when it comes to running a business, let’s get a little more specific for the pet grooming franchise. In pet grooming, time equals money. Getting one dog in and out in an hour should be a minimum goal, but don’t sacrifice quality for time. Do some research, work on your own methods to see what methods work best for your store, and allow Splash and Dash to show you our way of doing things. By the time you open, you will have a great battle plan and be ready to tackle the wash for even the hairiest, knottiest dog that enters your shop.


As a final note: in the pet grooming franchise, especially if you’re a groomer, you will interact regularly with animals and your disposition is everything. Dogs read your energy so stay calm, friendly, and warm. If you panic or get angry, that will affect the dog’s mood too and could cause them to feel more aggressive, anxious, or nervous.