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Timeline for a Splash and Dash Pet Grooming Franchise

Now that you have a long walk through of the overall process, here’s the basic startup timeline when you choose Splash and Dash as your franchisor.


  • Research and Apply for a Pet Grooming Franchise

As you contact Splash and Dash to build your first pet grooming franchise, think about what makes a successful relationship be it business or personal. It comes down to getting to know each other. We want to know who you are, what your goals are, why you chose us, where you want to open your business, and when you want to get started. Since you know the questions, you should be prepared ahead of time and as you answer, we will help you get to know us by telling you who we are, what we offer, how we’re different, where available locations are, and when you could get started with us. We like to think of you as a member of the family. If you have any other questions at any time, Splash and Dash is happy to answer them. After we’ve gotten to know one another and you’ve decided that a pet grooming franchise through Splash and Dash is exactly what you’ve been looking for, fill out the application for a pet store franchise. It doesn’t take long, it’s electronic, and is sent directly as soon as you hit send.


  • Meet the FounderSplash and Dash for Dogs

We want you to be as comfortable as possible and we like being personal. Meet Dan J. Barton, pet grooming franchise extraordinaire through a Webinar. If you have any questions or doubts you didn’t have answered before, this will be the perfect time to determine whether you are making the right decision.


  • Check out the Paperwork

After the Webinar, you will receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). These documents are required by the Federal Trade Commission and offer all the information you could ask for on franchise systems, franchisors, and the agreements. This is the best time to decide which pet franchise opportunity is right for you.


  • See Us in Action

After you have decided that this is the opportunity for you, it’s time to visit one of our shops and to see what a day is like in the life of Splash and Dash, something that many other franchisors don’t give you the option to do. This will allow you the chance to shadow employees of the franchise, learn how day-to-day operations work, and to watch how interactions go between customer, owner, and pet. You may also discover ways to run your new business that you’d never thought of before.


  • Sign the Paperwork

As we near the final steps to opening your pet grooming franchise, there’s the paperwork followed promptly by a bottle of champagne to celebrate your new promotion of boss and business owner. When you’re finished celebrating, it’s time to schedule another “Discovery Day” where you get another chance to watch a successful store in action and to learn better how it works and what day-to-day processes are


  • Grand Opening (GO!)

It will take around 90-180 to get a store open for just about any pet grooming franchise. It sounds like a long time, but as you plan the build, the sales, the marketing, the ordering, and analyze the local market, the time will fly by and the day the store opens will be on your doorstep. This number even includes the time you initially make contact with our founder and the time it takes to get through the FDD and sign the building lease.