Susan’s Shop Busts Out Prize Wheel for A Successful Community Event!

In the St. James community, the 1st of October is known nostalgically as St. James day—a craft fair with over 300 vendors, food, and entertainment for the whole family. Splash and Dash owner, Susan D’Amodio took advantage of the large crowd the festival draws, setting up a booth to market her shop. “My goal was to capture new customers that and bring visibility to my store,” she says. “There are thousands of people that go. [We] got over 150 names at least.”

With thousands of visitors crowding into the fair, Susan thought it would be a good idea to use the spin wheel to entice potential customers to her booth. “I’m pretty sure the wheel is what brought everyone by,” she says. “I ordered a custom logo tent, had the wheel, and the table runner with our logo on it.  You have to make it fun and appealing while you have the giveaways.”

The wheel works the same as the Wheel of Fortune, the difference is each slot gives away promotions for eager customers. Depending on which slice of the wheel a customer lands on, will determine their prize. Promotions on the wheel include Free DeShed service, Free treats, free facial—just to name a few. Shop owners are encouraged to take the wheel for a spin at local marketing events of their own.  

“Street fairs are definitely worth the time and effort. Done right you can generate quite a few leads,” Susan says.

Linda Rose, a friend of Splash and Dash, and Susan showed up at the St. James Day street fair to share in the excitement. “Linda Rose is a customer of mine who participated in Bark my Vote,” Susan says. “She came to our booth and started shouting to people to come spin the wheel and win a prize.  She stood by and spoke to people about my store and was ranting and raving as she always does.”

The corporate team congratulates Susan on the fun and work accomplished during the St. James Day fair. As always, Live Dirty. Play Clean!