Splash and Dash Corporate Unveils New Marketing Spin Wheel Game

One of the most entertaining ways to get customers to feel the appreciation and excitement of the Splash and Dash brand is to utilize our new promotional spin wheel!

It works the same way as the Wheel of Fortune, only ours is the wheel of pet spa freebies. One spin, and whichever promotion slice the wheel lands on is the service the customer receives. Not only is this super fun, but it allows customers to feel more involved in the process. Setting up the spin wheel for your promotional events makes customers feel the party atmosphere of your event.

Shop owners can book the spin wheel for promotional events like customer appreciation days, adoption days, soft openings, or for membership-boosting campaigns after the slow holiday season.

The Corporate Spin Wheel made its debut in our soon-to-be-opening shop in Pasadena, California. Shop owner, Charles Edgar, leased out the spin wheel for the Westgate ice cream social. As residents of Westgate filtered in and out of his vendor booth, enjoying their ice cream, they were prompted to give the wheel a spin and earn free Splash and Dash services.

Way more fun than SWAG bags!

Playing the game by spinning the wheel helps customers resonate with the brand. The game makes them more likely to not only use their promotions but see the value of joining membership after they use their free services.

Promotions on the wheel include:

  • Free Deshed Service
  • Free Treats
  • Free Spa Package
  • Free Facial
  • Free Pawdicure
  • Free Groom
  • Free Aroma Therapy
  • $25 Free Bonus Gift Card

Shop owners are encouraged to take the wheel for a spin at their next event. The wheel is a great tool for all our charismatic and hospitable party hosts!

Play Dirty. Live Clean.