Summer Marketing Ideas for a Pet Franchise

Now that the weather is warmer, chances are you are seeing a change in your numbers. Depending on your location you may have more customers than normal or it could be a decrease. Either way, it is helpful to know a few different ways you can help bring in more people this summer to your pet franchise.


Get Involved in Local Festivitiesmom-pop-store-feel

Maybe it’s a summer parade, a festival about your town’s history, or just a recurring third Friday event. The idea here is to get your business out there. In an ideal world you would want to wait for festivities that are specifically pet related (and you happen to have them in your area then know these have HUGE potential for your store). It is not a bad thing to have a booth or some sort of display at the event. This will help with branding and can help drive foot traffic. As a bonus many outdoor festivities allow you to bring along pets which can bring even more attention to your pet franchise’s display or table.


Host Your Own Events at Your Pet Franchise

It could be something as small as doggy ice cream social in the store or a full blown pet adoption event. The idea is to make it something fun and memorable. For instance, if you do an ice cream social, make sure there will be ice cream for dogs and for people to draw more people in. Remember that this is a great time to offer specials on products and book appointments.


Have Rainy Day Specials

The nice thing about having a social media presence in your area is that you can get out news fast. If you find the weather is dark and gloomy, which means less foot traffic, have a rainy day special. This could be half priced grooming, free facials, or other specials. You can even start offering this as the Summer Rainy Day Special. Soon your customers will remember this. When the weather is bad and will be more people in your pet franchise when it rains.


Build Business Relationships

shutterstock_158522159Honestly this is a great idea no matter what time of the year it is. Building relationships with other business owners in your community is a great way to build your business. While you want to have some within the pet industry, it is a good idea to get to know people outside of your industry. It can be mutually beneficial to both of your pet franchise and their business. This is because as you can refer customers to each other. Plus when you are having events you can try to incorporate their business. For instance, if you made a good friend out of a local gym owner you may have an event about fitness for pet parents with their dogs to bring more people into the store.