PetFood Forum Highlights Changes in Pet Store Industry

The PetFood forum was held in April of this year. This is an annual conference where data is shared and professionals within the industry gather. The focus of the conference is to look at trends and access the future of the industry. Here are a few of the highlights from the forum to keep in mind for those who have a business in the pet store industry. This can help you to understand the best products to carry in your store to maximize your profits.


GMOs are Out

Turns out pet parents are becoming overly concerned about the use of GMOs in their own food. This has spilled over into the pet industry as well. In terms of sales, having the words “no genetically modified ingredients (GMOs)” was overwhelmingly better for sales. This was better than having any sort of health claim on the food. This is something that has been on the rise in the pet store industry over the last few years and has continued to grow in popularity.


Nature Trumps Science

In the past people looked to science and scientifically balanced foods for their pets. This past year has seen a shift in that mentality. People are putting more stock into natural foods to give their pet the necessary nutrition. Along with this, people are preferring meals that were made in a kitchen for their pet over ones made in a lab. This change really goes hand in hand with the GMO boot from pet food. People tend to see scientifically engineered food as having unnatural ingredients.


Healthy Beats Out Indulging Treats

Another interesting find at the PetFood forum is that pet parents are making the decision to look at healthy foods over giving their dog treats on a more regular basis. In fact, 85% of pet parents polled believed that the foods they fed their pets were directly linked to how long they live. Even though the pet treat industry is booming, it has taken a backseat to better meals for pets.


Pet Parents are Intrigued by Non Traditional Foods

The top foods in this list are fruit and veggie chews, stews and soups for dogs and nutrient powders and drops. If you are looking for something new for your shop try out one of the foods in these categories.


Foodie Culture is Dead in Pet Food

Many pet foods speculated that pet parents had humanized their pets to the point that they would want to provide them with culinary delights. This includes foods such as beef bolognese or chicken tandoori. These are a flop as pet parents do not seem to think their pets have such a diverse palette. As much as you may love to have luxury foods such as these, pet parents don’t agree. For businesses in the pet store industry, steer clear of these products.