Splash and Dash Tablecloth

Shop Owners Can Now Lease Corporate Tablecloth


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique headquarters takes huge aims to continuously promote our brand and the latest addition to this implementation is the Splash and Dash tablecloth.


The tablecloth is a made of a high-quality nylon and comes with a white runner. There are two sizes of tablecloth—small white and large royal blue—making these great decorative pieces for mixers, ceremonies, and expos. Rental includes both.


Using the tablecloth not only promotes the brand, but gives any event a shop owner might host a professional polish. Transform a mundane table into a Splash and Dash decoration. This not only brings a chicness to a party, but helps guests resonate with the Splash and Dash brand.


Rental of the tablecloth is only $20 per event. Any interested shop owners can put a ticket in through CATS ² and we will ship the tablecloth to you. Corporate asks that all materials be returned immediately once your event has concluded.