BackSplash Updates

Attention Shop Owners

General Housekeeping and Updates to BackSplash


Updates to Terminal Software—BackSplash


We all use the terminal software every day and some call it the point-of-sales software, but as you know, the functions of this proprietary software go way beyond a POS. Corporate has coined our company proprietary software as BackSplash. So, for clarification, if you receive emails or instruction referring to BackSplash we are citing the terminal software.


In the past few weeks, we have updated some of the features shop owners control. Andrew conducted an initial training and overview of the changes, but this article will help for review.




The all-new Splash and Dash leave-in-conditioner, Nourish, will be replacing all previously approved conditioners. We are excited to announce that Nourish will be our company-wide standard conditioner.

Going forward, please go ahead use up all other conditioners so you can begin using Nourish as your shop’s standard.


Catalog System Merge


Groomer’s Choice is now merged with our own catalog system making a majority of items 15% cheaper! Also, purchases of over $150 receive free shipping. Shop owners can now order products as needed through BackSplash. (The only products that are not less expensive now are industrial equipment like kennels, dryers, and grooming tables).


Corporate suggests discussing orders with Andrew before placing them. Andrew will forecast your order forms to ensure you are getting everything needed.


All commonplace supplies will receive the new discount. An email has been sent to all store owners, but you can also access the catalog through, and now, BackSplash.


To access the catalog through BackSplash:


  • Click ‘Management’ Menu Tab
  • Scroll down to ‘Shopping ‘ Tab
  • Click Shopping
  • Menu Will Appear in Middle of the Screen


Andrew Shaffer