Pet Industry Market Report on Pet Food, Pet Health and Pet Parents

The pet marketing is constantly evolving. We all know the attitudes of pet parents are changing over the years. Many pet parents now see their pets as a member of the family. Along with this their attitudes about the health and wellness of their pet is changing as well. This is why it is important to know about some of the ways that the pet industry is changing. Here are some of the changes you should be aware of with your dog grooming business


Studies on Pet Parent Attitudes Toward Pet Food and its Effect on Health

Back in February of 2014, Pet Food Industry magazine conducted a study of pet parents. The point was to see whether they thought that high quality pet food had an impact on the health of their pet. At the time approximately half of all dog and cat owners polled agreed with the statement. They did a follow up survey asking the same question in August 2015.  These results showed even greater support of this idea. It showed that 63% of dog owners and 59% of cat owners agree.  


This shows a trend in thinking for pet parents in terms of providing high quality pet food to help give their pet a healthier life. This shows the shift in the pet industry to  valuing the quality of life and well being for their pets. This is seen in people spending more on vet costs as well as wellness items for their pets.


The Pet Obesity Epidemic and its Impact on Pet Food

There is no denying that the pet obesity epidemic is on the rise and a serious issue to be confronted within the pet industry. Back in 2014 the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention conducted a survey and found that approximately 58% of cats and 53% of dogs are overweight. These are startling figures since we know the negative impact this can have on pets, just as it does for people. This has had a huge impact on the pet food market as well.


In the spring of 2015 Experian Marketing Services released their quarterly Simmons National Consumer Survey for the pet industry and this found that 21% of dog owners and 19% of cat owners purchased foods specifically for the the weight or age of their pet. These numbers are up 4% from where they were a decade ago. This shows that consumers are paying more attention to the marketing on the food to find ones that are specifically targeted for their pet.


You may look at these stats and think they mean nothing to pet franchises. However, the research is showing that premium and super-premium  pet food products, such as natural and organic high quality products. This will have a bigger appeal to your customers. This means you need to be focusing your attention on marketing these products. While doing this you should ultimately be promoting wellness with every customer you talk to. These stats on the pet industry can give you a good glimpse into the mind of your customers and is not something to be taken lightly.