Here are the 9 Best Franchises You Don’t Know for a 2016 Investment

Franchising is a popular business model for many reasons. It can be just as beneficial to the franchise owners as it can to the franchise itself. For one, having a franchise means better branding and additional revenue for the franchisor. For franchisees this means having a business model laid out for you already and the support you need to be successful. This is especially popular with people who have never owned a business before or those simply want to guarantee their best chances for success. So here are the best franchises in America you don’t know about- but should.


9. Visiting Angels

This is a companion care franchise that is designed to offer support to seniors in their homes as well as in respite care. This franchise, which was established in 1991, was the first first non-medical franchise in North America to provide formal training and qualification programs to their clients with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other similar issues.


8. Wild Birds Unlimited

This is an interesting franchise because the focus of it is to offer supplies for backyard bird feeders and nature supplies. It is perfect for people who enjoy bird watching and nature. The company is passionate about introducing children to nature so they can have a better understanding of nature and therefore cultivate the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.


7. Cruise Planners

This is one of the best franchises for many reasons. For one, the primary goal of this franchise is to sell cruises which is great if you are a travel or cruising enthusiast. This is also a position where you can work from home. Franchisees within this franchise work as travel representatives for the company which is owned by American Express.


6. Fitness Revolution

The fitness industry is booming and will more than likely continue to grow unless the FDA announces a weight loss and muscle building drug that can give people a celebrity body with no adverse side effects in no time flat. So yeah, that probably isn’t going to happen in our lifetime. That’s one reason this franchise made it on our list of the best franchises. This is where Fitness Revolution is different from gyms in that it is focusing on the results of their customers by providing group classes where instructors can give the customers a better experience.


5. Weed Man

While the name of this franchise may be a little confusing in states like Colorado, this is a booming franchise that has gained significant traction over the last few years. The company itself has been in business for more than 40 years. It is recognized at the top rated lawn care franchise in the United States.


4. Precision Concrete Cutting

The main focus of this franchise is to offer services for uneven or cracked sidewalks and concrete. The company is based out of Provo, Utah. The company has worked with local governments in almost every state to repair sidewalks, which is an incentive for many franchise owners. If you have experience in concrete or the construction industry and are passionate about this, then this may be one of the best franchises for you.


3. Kona Ice

Who doesn’t love shaved ice on a hot day? This is one of the reasons this company has the popularity it does today. The franchise is huge with their philanthropy work. This is part of what has lead to the company’s success, along with their in demand product. The company also does an amazing job with their branding as you can easily recognize the tiki hut style and island music playing.


2. Home Instead Senior Care

This is another franchise that based on providing services to the elderly. This company provides personalized care, support and education for the elderly as well as their families. While the company may not offer it all, they do have the resources to match clients with the services they need. They even have people specially trained to help those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

1 Splash and Dash

This is a dog grooming business that also offers a retail boutique. The motto of the company is play dirty. Live clean. They believe that dogs should be able to run free and get dirty without having to stay dirty. This is why they changed the pet industry by offering a bath membership program. This  allows people to bring their pets in as often as they want and this in turn provides the franchise owners with recurring revenue as well as boosts sales in the salon and boutique.