Dog Grooming Business Owners Can Sculpt Their Staff

Finding good help in your store can be difficult. Even just narrowing down your prospects when you first open your shop was probably difficult. This is because the cost of onboarding an employee is high and you want to make sure you will have people who are not only competent but loyal and will stay with you. This means you need to be able to turn these employees into the future leaders for your business. Here are the few of the ways you can help accomplish this with your dog grooming business.


Talk with Them

Keep open lines of communication with your employees to set the example of the way leaders should be. This helps to keep them informed but will also help make them feel more like a part of the team with your dog grooming franchise. While you do not have to let them know about every little aspect, you should keep them abreast of the changes in the company and any goals you have so they can help you accomplish them.  


Make Commitment Go Both Ways

Another thing you should think about to sculpt your employees into leaders with your pet franchise is to be committed to your employees, just as you want them to commit to you. This goes further than just paying them but means showing them you see a future for them at your location. Reward them and show them they matter. Tell them where you would see their career going with your company so they know they have long term value in the eyes of your dog grooming business. This will also help make them more committed to your company.


Don’t Forget to Recognize Them

Recognition goes along way within any dog grooming business. It is a great way to show people you not only notice the things they are doing right within the business but also that you care. This can also help to spur other employees to perform better so they can receive recognition. Remember this does not need to be large. It can be a certificate, a small gift card and making a big deal about it with your employees. There are many ways you can work this. Some of the best franchises out there have a rewards program for their employees. It can be a small gathering at the weekly meeting or it could be an annual event where you have a party and hand out awards.


Growing Your Employees

Finally, you need to help your employees grow into the leaders you want within your dog grooming business. This means teaching them about leadership and what you want so  they will know what to expect. If you find your store is not growing as fast as you want to put them in a leadership role, you can always have them help you with aspects off the business you will eventually have them taking over so they can learn it.


These are just some of the ways you can help  sculpt your employees into the future leaders of your dog grooming business. You can order classes on leadership and management that your employees can work on and even get certificates of achievement for completing them from you. Maybe it is even just letting them try running things while you are away to see how they do. While this may not be an overnight process, knowing you have staff that can be there to take over as you grow your store and possibly branch out into more locations is a great investment.