New Year’s Resolutions: Four Motivational Questions

Four Questions for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to Guide Workers Through Business Ventures, Decisions, and Ultimatums


New Years is a great time for reflection.


For business oriented individuals many separate your reflection into two categories—personal and occupational. The two can be skewed to promote professional growth and personal growth and this pet franchise differs to the reader’s judgment on this matter.


Welcoming in the New Year is a great time to make a spiritual, economical, and habitual consideration. Turning this consideration into reflections that can constructively impact your life is what New Year’s resolution should look like as a goal.


How do we observe the snags and stresses of 2016, and turn these into realistic goals?


This pet franchise article poses four questions people from any industry can ask themselves to turn into realistic goals.


Name a Few Fulfilling Moments of 2016

Think back and recollect through the memories of the past year. What do you see?


For most people this happens every night before they are falling asleep, as they close their eyes, they visualize the triumphs and pitfalls of their day. When there are more triumphs than pitfalls usually this means a better night’s sleep.


The triumphs—elicited passion—is what makes one’s mind peaceful during the night.


This is a way for you to figure out what you’re passionate about, and start making a conscious effort to fill your day with seeking out your passion.


For us in the pet franchise, our passion is animals and tending to them in every facet possible. Beyond the loving experience we create for them and our customers we try and help those who are not so fortunate by partnering with local shelters to help homeless animals find good homes. This is another form of our passion, and it is fulfilling.


This is just an example of the pet franchise. Figure out what makes your day less stressful, and more filled with passion, then pursue it.


Where Did You Get Your Strongest Support Last Year?

Life is built on a framework of professional and social support—networking. The term is used usually only when referring to business, but it can be used interchangeably. Friends support those life-changing decisions we make just as much as our business partners. It’s a network of a support.


So, who supported you the most in 2015?


Maybe you decided to jump ship and switch careers and your siblings gave you great advice on where to start building a skill set for a new business adventure. Maybe you called up your old friends and began the start-up you always talked about in college. Maybe you’re one of our new shop owners in the Splash and Dash pet franchise, and you finally escaped the impending roadblock of the corporate world and invested in your own pet franchise.


Who do you need to thank for where you’re at right now?

What faces come to mind?


Figure out who these people are and network with them more.

Where Did You See Catalytic Moments Building Your Business?

Momentum is a beautiful thing for businesses.


When you’re on a roll, a juggernaut effect starts to take over and your professional skills are warmed up, ready to be applied. The salesman who has found his perfect sales pitch, the marketing executive who has found a grand idea for a campaign, the retail owner that merchandised the store perfectly and boosted sales rates.


Woody Allen said, “90% of life is showing up.” But what are you going to do when you get there?


The answer might be just to continue what you’re doing. It is working. For others, it is finding what changes need to be made, what goals need to be set in place to see the success you want.


This pet franchise—Splash and Dash—had instances where company records were broken by multiple shop owners. We applaud these shop owners and encourage them to coach their staff and other shop owners on how these figures can be maintained so this pet franchise can continue to break records.


When Were Your Employees Most Happy?


New Year’s resolutions aren’t just about what makes you happy. It is also about building up the others around you. This is transparently important in business. Today’s economy calls for creativity, and collaboration, and when all those involved are accounted for, enterprise works more organically and lucidly.


Ask your employees to write down something that you or their immediate “boss” did that supported them on a professional level. Take what employees write down into consideration and try and do more of these things to help promote the growth of your employees, colleagues, or business partners.


This will be helpful.


The Splash and Dash pet franchises are based on this system of support and employees on all levels are encouraged to bring their ideas to the table—make an even better business. Improvement is a continual process.


We believe ethical business practices are the best way to maintain our core values and promote the excellence in business and in life that we wish to see in our communities.


Happy New Years!


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