The Upsell Potential of Subway Franchise and What it Means to Franchise Owners

It is important to look at all the aspects of a franchise before you buy. This is important because it gives you the ability to understand the potential revenue you can bring in for the business. One of the most important aspects to look at is the upsell potential. While this may not bring in the majority of your revenue at a Subway franchise, it is still important to analyze.


Where Do the Upsells Come From?

shutterstock_96365129There are several upsells that Subway offers at their locations. It starts at the counter when the sandwich is started and they are asked if they want double meat. As they go down the sandwich line they are inundated with different chips designed to compliment their sandwiches. Even just the simple act of baking a sub gives the customer more time to look at the various chip options.


Once the customer gets their sub finished they are asked if they want to upgrade to a meal. This is generally about $2.50 or they can just add on cookies, apples, a drink, or chips on their own with the sandwich. These are the only real upsells that customers can go with.


How Much Does that Amount to?

The biggest upsell is a meal which adds less than $3 to the total price for the customer. While this is nice for the customer because it is not a huge amount, it also means there is not a lot of profit to be made from this.  You would have to sell thousands of upgrades to make this really worth it. This is why the main focus of the Subway franchise is on the subs and salads themselves.


While Subway may tell you that the upsells are not a huge part of the business, the truth is that this is one more way to increase your revenue. You will find that this can  


Want Better Upsell Potential?

If you are looking for a franchise that has better upsell potential, then you should consider Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique. This is a pet pet grooming franchisegrooming salon with a boutique. Aside from being in a recession proof industry, there are many ways this franchise can help you to find just what you are looking for in terms of revenue potential. Here’s what we can offer:


More Options  for Upsells

There are many ways a customer can upgrade their services with nail clipping, blueberry facials, and so many others. As far as products there are many options that sales associates can suggest for customers to compliment what they are already purchasing.


Recurring Revenue Model

full_service_small_pet_groomersThe membership basis of our franchise means that you will receive membership fees every month allowing you to have a better understanding of the amount of income coming into your business. However, the real way this affects the upsell potential is in the psychology of membership based programs. The customer does not pay for every visit which subconsciously makes them want to spend some sort of money when they come into the store for the bath. This has been shown to improve the sales for the boutique by 20% and even more in the grooming salon where people may want to add on something small since they aren’t paying for the visit.


Subway Helps Improves People’s Lives but What About Pets?

When you are looking for a franchise there are many things you will consider before making your decision. You will generally look at the profitability of the franchise as well as the brand reputation and franchisee support. Along with this, many people also want to go with a franchise that helps out and does something for the community. This gives the franchisee a greater feeling of satisfaction with their franchise purchase. What you should know is that Subway franchise is only one of the franchises that offers this.


The Way Subway Helps People

shutterstock_231374680Most people remember that Subway was the first fast food restaurant to offer menu items that lined up with the dietary guidelines put out by the American Heart Association for Diet and Lifestyle. As far back as 1997 Subway put their nutritional information on napkins so people would know exactly how many calories they were getting in their sandwich. They have many lower calorie options in addition to the many veggie options that can go on the sandwich.


In addition to simply providing the nutritional information, each Subway franchise also offers foods that have no trans fats, certain seafood sandwiches are enhanced with Omega 3 fatty acids, lower sodium in meats, bread and cookies, as well as fiber and calcium being added to breads. This helps to increase the nutritional value of the foods they serve.


In addition to this, Subway is also a huge proponent of education on health and diet. They have partnered with many different organizations to help people get the education and support research for various conditions not only in the United States but in other countries as well.


A Subway Franchise is Not the Only Way to Give Back

If the things you are looking for in a franchise is a way to give back to your community and know you are doing something good then you should know that a Subway franchise is not the only way to do that. At Splash and Dash our entire franchise model is designed to help pets as well as pet parents. We offer a signature bath membership program that is designed to offer pet parents with the ability to bring their pets in for a bath and brush as often as they want for one low membership fee. This is good for pets and pet parents in several ways, such as:pet store franchise


  • Allowing pets to get the adequate exercise they need to stay healthy without pet parents fearing they will be too dirty.
  • Clean dogs are shown to have better mental health
  • Pet parents save money on dog grooming and care
  • Depending on the location, pet taxi and online appointment booking is available to help pet parents


In addition to this, Splash and Dash also offers a boutique where you will find high end dog foods to help keep your pet in better health. Franchisees are also given information and learn about pet health so they can educate their communities.
If you are interested in helping pets and pet parents in your community then a Splash and Dash franchise may be a better option for your than a Subway franchise. You will  find that it is a lower cost option with a company that has made the INC 500 list the last two years in a row due to their booming success.