Before Buying a Subway Franchise Know if Franchisees are Happy

Before you make a decision on the franchise you will purchase you need to make sure the business will be worth your investment. One of the things many people look at is the size of the franchise and its visibility to determine whether it will be a good investment. This is why many people consider buying a Subway franchise. However, the next thing you need to think about is whether franchisees are happy and or why not.

What Franchisee Review Sites Say

buying a pet franchiseThere are several sites out there where franchisees can post what they like and dislike about their franchise. Sure Subway has more than 144,000 franchise locations around the world and with this many locations the company is destined to have some unhappy franchisees. However, it seems that the numbers are staggering when you look at the people who are not happy with the decision they made when buying a Subway franchise.


So now that you know there are many complaints, it can be a good idea to look at the main complaints that are out there about the company and understand why they need to be carefully considered when making your decision on whether buying a Subway franchise is right for you.


Profits are Low and Corporate Doesn’t Help

This seemed to be the most common issue people stated with their complaints about their Subway franchise purchase. They said even if they were in a location that was designed to be a cash cow that they were not making the income they expected and in many cases this was not even enough for the person to survive on.


No Protected Territories

Another major complaint that came from franchisees about their franchise experience was that when they did start to see good profits that another buyer would put up a store right next to theirs, which is another problem that leads to lower profits. This can be frustrating as a store owner as it is hard to compete within your own brand.


Lack of Care with Corporate

The other major complaint many people had was that they did not receive the support or care they felt they should have from corporate. Many felt that corporate was just out for themselves and didn’t actually care about them. Unfortunately this can be a big problem for many franchises that are super large as they do not have the one on one communication with franchisees that smaller franchises can offer.


Is There a Way Around All of This?funny_drinking_dog

If you are dead set on buying a Subway franchise, then this is something you need to go over with the development agent to understand what issues you will have and how to combat them. It is also a good idea to talk with some franchisees in your area to find out what they think.


However, if you want to go with a franchise where you will not have to deal with these issues then Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique may be the pet franchise for you.  This is a dog grooming and boutique franchise. What sets the company apart from the other pet franchises out there is the signature bath membership which allows people to pay one flat membership rate to bring their dog in as often as they want for a bath and brush.
The great thing about this is that while it is a booming franchise and a $73 billion industry, it is still small enough to have the one on one communication with franchisees. Also, the company sees themselves as their franchisees partners in success. They even offer protected territories to ensure there is no fighting over business within the area. Having  made the Inc. 500 list the last two years in a row due to the growing numbers this can be a great franchise opportunity as you can get in on the ground floor.

Is Child Care the Right Choice for Low Cost Franchise Opportunities?

Just about any parent has imagined buying a daycare franchise the first time they find out how much tuition. Depending on the age of the child and the location, it can cost $400 a week or more to send a child to daycare. However, just because the tuition is high does not mean that this is necessarily the cash cow you think it is when looking at low cost franchise opportunities, especially compared to something in the pet industry.


The Cost of a Child Care Franchise

no passion for jobIf you think of low cost franchise opportunities and child care comes to your mind first, then it can be helpful to look at some of the startup costs for these companies. Unfortunately some of these companies only show their franchise fee in the price for startup. While this is a definite cost you will face, it is not a complete look at everything you will be paying for. This can mislead hopeful franchise into thinking child care franchises are low cost franchise opportunities. When you look at the overall costs of the business to start up, even the lowest amount you will find will be over $300,000. This is not what most people would consider low cost franchise opportunities.


Other Issues to Consider with Child Care Franchises

Even if you can get past the fact that these are not low cost franchise opportunities because you love kids and want to bring in the income that these franchises command, there are still other issues that you will have to overcome. To start with, this is not a business for the absentee owner, as a good majority of franchises in the childcare industry do not allow this. Another thing to think about is the high amount of regulations and certifications that are placed on this industry simply because you are caring for small children. Along these same lines, you will also have to be careful with the staff you hire for the business.


The Final Verdict on Child Care Franchisespet franchises

If you are looking for low cost franchise opportunities, then this simply is not the industry you should look into. The costs can be in the millions of dollars just to start. While there is a great potential for income, the startup costs can be a hindrance for many people. For those who want to find low cost franchise opportunities that will be fun and have an excellent potential for revenue, then Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique pet franchise is the perfect opportunity as the pet industry is booming.