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4 Things Pet Franchises Need to Stop Doing

Sometimes less is more, even in business. Many owners of pet franchises find themselves implementing a slew of tactics and practices in an effort to boost sales and increase efficiency. However, they tend to overlook the practices they should stop doing to focus on new things they can do. Here are 4 things pet franchises should stop doing right now.



Stop Using Outdated Technology

Most people think of outdated technology as old office equipment, such as computers that still run Windows 98. While older equipment is an issue, if the tools pet franchises use are outdated, then they can be just as much a hindrance as an old, slow computer. It may be out of your budget to update everything in the location at once, make technology a priority. Even if you have to work on it slowly, it is still worth the investment. You may even find you can consolidate your technology as well. For instance, newer printers offer multiple functions so you do not need an additional scanner, fax machine or copier. Most newer printers are even wireless and Bluetooth enabled as well as integrate with cloud storage.


Stop Competing With National Retailers

Many pet franchises think their main competition is big-box companies, such as PetSmart. While some of your demographic may shop there, you are fighting a losing battle. The best thing you can do is focus on the small to medium sized companies within your area. They are the biggest competition and threat to your business. Watch what these companies do and then find a way to compete at this level. In all reality, you should focus your marketing on people within five miles of your location.



Settling for Subpar Social Media

There is no denying that social media is huge for pet franchises. However, this does not mean you can just throw anything up on your accounts and expect success. Some of the biggest mistakes include posting the same thing to all your social media platforms, posting too much at once, and being to sales-oriented in your postings. Do not assume that just because you use these social media platforms for your personal account that it means you know how to post for business. Take the time to understand how business social media so you can see a better return on investment for the time you are putting into this. If this seems like too much work, hire someone to handle this for you.



Wasting Time

Wasting time is not only bad for productivity, but it is also bad for the bottom line in pet franchises. There are many ways that people waste time in business. Think about ways that you can be more efficient during your day. What can you cut out? Look for ways that you can improve on your existing operations to keep from wasting time.