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Best Low Cost Franchise Opportunities of 2015

Finding the best low cost franchise opportunities is what every hopeful business owner tends to look for. We have created a list of the best low cost franchise opportunities of 2015 along with a little information about these companies.



This is a dance studio franchise that offers dance classes, conventions and even sells costumes. There is a lot of money in dance- as any dance mom knows. This is a labor intensive job and depending on your market, there may many other dance studios and even big name dance teachers you will have to compete with.


Cruise Planners

Do you love traveling and helping people create the perfect getaway? If so, then this could be one of the best low cost franchise opportunities. These businesses tend to have lower overhead, though the most successful will invest heavily in advertising because there are many travel sites that help people to get the vacation they want at a low cost. It can be hard to compete with travelocity and other similar sites. This is why it is best suited for though with a travel agency and marketing background.


H&R Block

One of the things many people look for with low cost franchise opportunities is how well known they are. There is no denying that H&R Block is one of the best known tax services. It can be a lucrative opportunity, but the problem with this business is that it is only seasonal. There are some locations that are open year round but not many because there simply isn’t the business to warrant it from mid April through December. Also, it will require you to either hire several tax people or learn how to do taxes yourself.


Jan-Pro Franchising International, Inc.

Jan-Pro is a company that has been in busy for more than 20 years and has the numbers to back up their success. This is why most analysts rank Jan-Pro among the top low cost franchise opportunities. While this can be a great business for many people, keep in mind that it will require you to clean commercial buildings, which is something many people hate.


Splash and Dash for Dogs

Splash and Dash has taken the market on low cost franchise opportunities. They offer a pet grooming and salon with a retail boutique. What makes this stand apart from the plethora of other pet franchise is that they offer a recurring revenue model with their membership program. This increases foot traffic in the store and boosts revenue as well.