Pet Store Franchises

Why Retail Pet Franchises are a Great Business Opportunity

Finding the right pet store franchises to help you secure your financial future can seem like an overwhelming task. While this is something you do not want to just choose without serious thought and research, it is helpful to know what certain businesses can provide. Many people think about choosing retail pet store franchises. There are some things to know about these franchise opportunities before you make the financial investment.


The Stable and Flourishing Pet Industry

One of the things you should think about when it comes to any industry is how well it is performing. As far as retail pet store franchises go, you should know that this is a booming industry. It is currently a $73 billion industry. More than that, it has been shown to be recession-proof. What this means is that when the economic crash of 2008 happened, business in the pet industry not only stayed strong but actually grew. The projections show that this industry will continue to grow as far as they can see. More people than ever own pets and want to treat them like a member of the family. This is not something that is going away anytime soon and retail pet store franchises allow you to capitalize on this.

pet franchises

pet franchises


How to Make Money with Retail Pet Store Franchises

Now a retail pet store may seem like the perfect opportunity for you and chances are that it can be. However, this does not mean you can just choose retail pet store franchises that seem fun and then rake in the money. Instead, you will need to make sure the one you choose will be profitable.


To start with, you will need to make sure that the franchise has a history of success. This can be as simple as doing a Google search to see what people think of the franchise. Also, you should be able to see the number of pet store franchises locations from year to year. If you see that there are years when the numbers go down significantly, then this should be a huge red flag.


You should also make sure that the company offers high-end products. This will help to ensure that you can stand behind the quality of what you are selling. High-quality pet products are always in demand. Even if you look at this strictly from a profit mindset, high-quality pet products will sell for more, creating more revenue in pet store franchises.


Find Combo Pet Store Franchises

While retail pet franchises can be successful on their own, they will be even more successful if there is a service to drive in traffic. Even if people love the products you offer, what is keeping them from buying the same thing on Amazon or another site? Brand loyalty only goes so far. This is why Splash and Dash for Dogs offers a grooming salon with a membership to increase on top of the regular boutique. Both services will bring in different people and widen the net for your customer base.