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Tarrant County Texas Cheap Retail Franchise Opportunities

Tarrant County, Texas is the home of Fort Worth, Arlington, Mansfield, Lake Worth and Euless. These areas are growing at a rapid pace and a large number of entrepreneurs will look for opportunities to open their own franchise in Tarrant County, Texas. When looking to start a franchise in 2015 it is a wise choice to look for opportunities in industries that are growing. An industry that has seen tremendous growth over the last several years is the pet industry. If you would like to get started with a pet store franchise today please reach Splash and Dash for Dogs at 1-760-861-1071. We can help you get started as soon as possible.

Tarrant County, Texas Demographics

Tarrant County is growing at a faster rate (5.6%) than the rest of the state of Texas (5.2%). The counties surrounding Tarrant County are some of the fastest-growing in the country. These include Denton County and Collins County. With the counties near Tarrant County growing at such a rapid pace it stands to reason that Tarrant County will soon catch up and increase at a clip closer to 10%. When deciding on a location for a pet store franchise, or any type of franchise, it is important to select an area that is attractive to those wanting to move.


Tarrant County has a population of almost two million people so there is not a lack for potential customers for a franchise. Location and proximity to animal hospitals and dog parks could be essential for a Splash and Dash for Dogs business. We will do our part to make certain you find a great location to succeed with your pet store franchise in or around Tarrant County.

Surrounding Areas Offer Opportunities

As mentioned previously, two of the fastest-growing counties in the United States are located very close to Tarrant County; just north, in fact. Here are some helpful resources on those particular counties:

If you happen to live or reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth area it would be a wise decision to expand the opportunities by looking at some of the locations north of the city. With hundreds of thousands of people moving to this part of Texas there is no reason to pass up an opportunity to open a franchise is one of the hotter markets.

Financing of a Franchise in 2015 and Beyond

One of the largest concerns for new franchisees is financing. Coming up with the money to start a business is a concern but you can rest assured that we offer cheap options for those not wanting to take out a loan for $100,000 or more. You can also check out our article on Wells Fargo and how it might be the correct bank for you to get a business loan. Note that Wells Fargo is not the only option when it comes to a small business loan.

There are many credit unions and local community banks throughout the United States that offer banking opportunities in the form of loans. If you are seeking a low-interest rate loan remember that your credit score and borrowing history will likely determine the rate. Unfortunately, we do not have a large say in the interest rate but we can definitely help you through the process as we have work with several franchisees that are looking to get their franchise off the ground and running.