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Affordable Pet Franchise Options in Denton County, Texas

Denton County, Texas is to the northwest of Dallas-Fort Worth and is home to the towns of Denton, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Aubrey and Savannah. Denton County is one of the fastest growing counties in not only the state of Texas but in the entire United States. When entrepreneurs and potential franchise owners are looking for a place to open their new business it is always a wise consideration to look at opportunities in growing areas. If you are looking to open a pet store franchise in Denton County, Texas please feel free to reach out to us at 760-861-1071. We have several opportunities available.


Picking an Affordable Franchise for 2015

Denton County, Texas Demographics

Location of a Pet Store Franchise

Picking an Affordable Pet Franchise for 2015

While most entrepreneurs and franchisees do not mind taking out a business loan they do not want to go into $200,000 or $300,000 of debt before the doors even open. If start-up costs are a concern please consider the options Splash and Dash offers. You can create your own pet franchise for less than $100,000 which is extremely affordable when compared to other types of franchises around the state of Texas.

Also note that Splash and Dash will take every necessary step to make the process seamless. We have a support staff at the corporate level and we have many other franchisees that can help you better understand what works and what does not work in the pet store industry. This type of relationship is often not available with other types of companies as they are competing against each other. Instead of competing with other Splash and Dash locations you will benefit by working with them.

Denton County, Texas Demographics

As mentioned earlier, Denton County, Texas is one of the fastest growing counties in the entire United States. The county has grown to over 728,000 people which is a 10% gain in the last three years. The population is very evenly dispersed with 50.7% being females. The homeownership rate is 66% which is a great piece of data for those looking to open a pet store franchise in the area. It tends to be the case that homeowners are pet owners as they have a yard for the dog to run around in.

The median household income is $72.939 which is very high. This is also a good sign for potential Splash and Dash pet store franchisees. Those in the higher income bracket are much more willing to spend disposable income on items such as premiere pet food, dog grooming and baths and accessories for their little ones. In short, those living in Denton County, Texas tend to own a home and they are earning more than the average Texas resident. Some may also want to consider a cheap Austin, Texas franchise if they have connections in the area.

Location of a Pet Store Franchise

Interstate 35 runs right through the heart of Denton, Texas. Those from the county are well aware that Lake Dallas and Lake Ray Roberts are premiere destinations. It is safe to say that individuals with homes or lake houses on these bodies of water have a higher income than those that live in Krum or Justin. That said, as a potential franchisee it is best to look at all options available. Along with the Splash and Dash team, you will be able to determine the perfect location for a pet store franchise for 2015 and beyond.

Remember that low cost franchise opportunities are not all that common in 2015. Some franchises will cost over $500,000 and it could take years to get them off the ground. At Splash and Dash we work diligently to offer you an affordable opportunity that will help you live out your dream of owning your own business as soon as possible.