5 Tips to Boost Your Pet Franchise

How do I bring more traffic to my store? It’s a common question for pet franchise owners with answers much simpler than one may think. Here are 5 tips to bring more business into your pet franchise immediately:


Talk Your Pet Franchise Up

As a business owner, you cannot be shy. Whenever you get the chance, talk about the pet franchise, name drop, date drop if it’s not open yet. Bring it up in casual conversations with friends or acquaintances, slip it into the conversation with your cashier when you ask if they have a pet, bring it up at church or the mall. Seize the opportunities around you and talk yourself up. Let the neighborhood know about your business, even if the opening is months away.


Take Advantage of Social Media

The internet is one of the business owner’s best tools we have today. Just about every person in the world has access to the internet. Think about opening a personal or business account on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, or blogging with Blogger or WordPress. You can even link the accounts. The more you post to social media, the more opportunities people will have to see you and you can reach worldwide consumers for your pet store franchise.


Visit Forums

While it is still social media, it is a little different. You are not creating your own forum, but you’re finding space already created on the internet for people on pet websites or looking for a certain pet store franchise. Often times you can locate places with hundreds to millions of visitors which are all potential visitors to your pet franchise. Search for forums linked to keywords of your business like: dogs, cats, pets, pet store supplies, grooming supplies, pet franchise—anything you can relate back to yourself and you will find a cluster of people looking for exactly what you have.


Post Ads Publicly and Online

There are many job and information boards online for information and business gathering. Visit a website like Craigslist, find the pet and service sections on these websites, and post your ad. Make sure to include a link to your website, pet store address, and phone number. You can also visit your local grocery stories, colleges, or libraries and post pull-tab fliers the old fashioned way. Just make sure your the information for your pet franchise is on everything you send out.


Hire Someone to Conjure Business For You

If you feel like you need extra help, you can always hire a firm to do all the hard work for you. There are many individuals online whose job is specifically engineered to bringing business in from posting a shout-out on Twitter to radio or TV ads. There is help to fit every need. You can even hire multiple people to post your ads throughout social media websites across the web. Keep in mind your franchisor can help you with marketing as well.

While growing your pet franchise may seem like a daunting and even overwhelming task at times, there is help and you are definitely not alone. Just remember the number one rule: talk, talk, talk, and when you’re done—talk some more.


Best Pet Franchises for 2015 Review

Franchises are the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to make a significant amount, especially when you compare this to starting a business on your own or even buying a small business. This is because you know the franchise is branded and offers a proven business strategy. Here are the best pet franchises for 2015. We have taken a look at the different options and have come up with the best franchise options.


5. Three Dog Bakery

Dog bakeries can be a really fun business and Three Dog Bakery has created a classy franchise brand that is similar to Woof Gang Bakery. While the brand was originally started in 1990, it did not open for franchising until 2007. While this is in the list of the best pet franchises for 2015, it does have a few drawbacks including the cost and the amount of labor required for baking all the treats. You will also need to attend bakery training in addition to franchise training with this company.

Franchise Fee: $25,000

Total Investment: $144,200 to $282,000


4. Petland

The biggest reason Petland landed on our best pet franchises for 2015 list is also the main drawback for this franchise- they sell pets. This can be a good revenue source for the business, especially when dealing with high price pets. The problem with this is the extra costs that go into caring for these animals every day until they are sold. Another benefit of this company is that they have been in business for close to 50 years and have offered franchising for almost the entire time. The downside to this though is that the initial investment is one of the highest on this list.

Franchise Fee: $30,000

Total Investment: $296,500 – $994,000


3. Pet Supplies Plus

This is a company that is well known as there are over 300 locations. While they do not sell pets in the way that Petland does, they do have adoption events. Most of what they sell at these locations are pet supplies and grooming services. The cost is the highest of any of the others on our best pet franchises for 2015 list and have strict requirements such as $750,000 minimum worth in order to qualify for a franchise.

Franchise Fee: $49,000

Total Investment: $300,900 – $1,108,609


2. Camp Bow Wow

Doggie daycare is a trendy market at the moment. People with hyper animals and demanding jobs have found this to be an excellent way to get their pet the activity they need to stay healthy and keep from destroying the house. This is why these franchises are so popular. There are many other regulations and liability on these businesses than other pet franchises as you will be handling pets for long periods of time. There is also a need for extensive staff to care for the dogs and offer grooming services. The in-home care services can add to the revenue potential of the business but can also be quite costly.

Franchise Fee: $50,000

Total Investment: $339,600 – $708,000

1. Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique

There are several reasons why Splash and Dash has made it to the top of the Best Pet Franchises in 2015 list. For one, it is a fun brand that incorporates a grooming salon with a high end retail boutique. It also has the lowest franchise fee and total investment of any of these franchise opportunities. Moreover, this is the only franchise on the list that offers a unique business model with the signature bath membership. This creates a recurring revenue that drives traffic into the store and improves sales in both the retail boutique and grooming salon.

Franchise Fee: $18,000

Total Investment: $53,153 – $135,600