How to Evaluate a Pet Franchise in Hillsborough County

Finding the right pet franchise in Hillsborough County for you is no small task. There are many steps involved that can seem like a ton of work. However, taking the time to do this will give you better chances for success when you open the store. Here are a few things you do not want to forget about when you are searching for the right one.


Understand What You Are Looking for

To start with you will want to do a little inward reflection. Think about what you want to gain from owning a pet franchise in Hillsborough County. From there you should break these up into two lists: a want and a need list. By putting the aspects of the business into these categories you will be able to really look at a pet store franchise and see if it is a good fit for you. Once you have narrowed down your list, you are ready to look at the next steps.



The Initial Interview

The first interview you have with the pet franchise will likely take place on the phone, though there are times when this does happen in person. Basically this is a meet and greet setting. The sales rep will take the time to understand who you are, such as your background and what you are looking for and they will also help to give you a better understanding of the franchise. This is the time to ask any initial questions you have about the franchise to see if this is a good match for you. Once this is complete you may even get to take a visit to another franchise so you can see how the day to day operations work.



The next step is a little more involved. The franchisor will generally ask for very specific information about your finances, such as liquid assets and capital in order to understand if this is a business opportunity you can take on. Make sure you understand the information needed by the franchisor so you can move this along as quickly as possible.



Reviewing the FDD and Franchise Agreements

The FDD is one of the most important elements of buying a franchise because it lays out all the information you need to know. This includes the history of the franchise, any potentially concerning legal or financial issues the franchisor is going through, your responsibilities and much more. Make sure you not only understand what these documents have to say but that you are willing to work within these guidelines.



Choosing Your Pet Franchise in Hillsborough County

If you are still deciding between a couple different options, now is the time to make your decision. You will want to look at all the information you have received on these companies to find the one that is best suited for what you are looking for with your franchise. From there, all you need to do is finalize the sale and start working on setting up your store.



Pet Franchise In Hillsborough County; How Much can I Make?

One of the main things people think about when they are considering buying a pet franchise in Hillsborough County is how much money they can make. Now this is only natural as you want to make sure you will see a profit from the hard work you put into your business. However, this is not a question that can really be answered easily. There are several factors that you will need to think about to determine the amount you can make.

 What Does the Pet Franchise in Hillsborough County Offer

The first thing you will want to think about is what the company offers. Even within the pet industry there are many different businesses a person could buy. It could be a retail store, a doggie day care or even a grooming salon. Each of these sees a different amount of business. This is why Splash and Dash offers a retail boutique along with a groomerie, in order to capitalize on both of these opportunities.

 Potential Money Makers in the Business

This is an aspect that most people overlook when they are looking for a pet franchise in Hillsborough County. For some businesses this could be in the form of national recognition. While this is good, it is helpful to look a little deeper than this. For instance, Splash and Dash offers a recurring revenue model with their signature bath membership. This ensures that franchise owners get money from the memberships every month and the memberships in turn drive sales on additional grooming services and boutique sales.

Your Costs

Another thing you will need to look at is what your costs are when you have a pet franchise in Hillsborough County. This includes a number of aspects including franchise fees, inventory costs and labor. While you may be able to find out an exact figure on franchise costs from your franchisor, the other factors can only be estimated. By understanding what the costs will be you will be able to have a better understanding of what your potential revenue will be.

Other Aspects to Keep in Mind

You can have the best pet franchise in Hillsborough County but this is not enough alone to give you the results you want. You will also need to have the right team working for you. It is also important to have excellent customer service with a focus on customer retention as well as bringing in new customers. Having a clear marketing plan is also important and is something your franchisor should be able to help you with. The most important aspect of creating the revenue you want is your dedication. You need to be able to follow the plan set out by the franchisor and commitment to making your pet franchise in Hillsborough County a success on a daily basis.