Tail Towelz from Splash and Dash


I’m excited to announce a new Splash and Dash product that will revolutionize your bathing business:  Tail Towelz!

Tail Towelz are super-absorbent, quick-drying type shammies that you can reuse all day long.  Cancel your towel service, retire your washer and dryer, and say goodbye to piles of wet towels and laundry.

Not only do Tail Towelz dry quickly, they dry dogs faster and better than regular towels removing 90-95% of the water from your furry clients in moments.  I know this is starting to sound like a info-commercial for the fountain of youth, however these Towelz have been in development for a while and were tested at our Monroe,NY    After only 2 days, Beth switched her entire shop over.

Tail Towelz

The Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Clean, Ultra-Absorbent, Dog Drying Towel!

Switching over to Tail Towelz will:

  • Reduce your business costs
  • Save your groomers (and customers) time
  • Make your business more eco-friendly

Best of all I personally guarantee them.   If you switch over your shop to our Tail Towelz and you don’t save TIME or MONEY within 60 days, I’ll buy them back AND throw in a FREE week of royalties for you troubles.  That’s my 100% satisfaction guarantee to you!

Andrew will be answering all your question when he touches base with your regarding your shampoo orders this week.  Or you can check out our website video : https://splashanddashfranchise.com/tail-towelz/

Thank You,

Dan J. Barton

Founder / President

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique