Social Media Tips for Your Dog Grooming Business

There is no denying the power of social media in today’s world. There are many business owners who think that they will be able to take on social media because they use it in their personal life all the time. Once they start using it though they find out that it is not as easy as they originally thought. If you have a dog grooming business here are a few tips to improve your social media.


Make Sure You Use the Right Images

While a good blog is always helpful, what really grabs people is the image that goes with it. Even if you are using Facebook you can still substitute out another image for a blog image. You want to make sure you are using high quality, enticing images. This is the best way to make people pay attention to your dog grooming business. This could be a  high quality before and after image of a dog you have groomed. It could even just be a fun image in your store. Since this is visual medium, you need to make sure the images you are using really bring in your audience.


Make Your Mission Clear

Before you start your social media campaigns, make sure you have your mission clearly set. Is your goal going to be to bring more visitors to your website? Do you simply want to educate people on dog food? You need to know what your ultimate goal is so you can attain it. Sure the thing you may really want is to bring more people to your shop but this should not be the main goal. The goal of social media is to reach out to people and interact with them. It is a way of building brand loyalty so you can have more people in your store.


Know the Sales Ratio

There is a finesse to sales in any situation and social media is no different. For your dog grooming business you need to make sure you are staying within the sales threshold to keep your customers. According to the experts, only 10% of the the posts should be focused on sales. You want to make sure the rest of them are focused on your goal. Be that education and information you need to make the focus on this.


Engage with Your Grassroots Audience

Chances are that there are grassroots organizations that align with your business. With a dog grooming business this can be as simple as engaging with shelters and rescues. Talk to these people, share relevant information with them, find ways to connect. You will find that this can be very beneficial to building your local brand. Even though they might not be your ideal demographic, their passion for animal rights will make them the perfect people for this.


Build Partnerships

Another aspect you do not want to overlook when it comes to social media with your dog grooming business is building partnerships with local businesses. As stated in the last point rescues are a great place to start but this does not have to be the only place you look. It could be with other pet related businesses that are not competitors, such as a doggy daycare. You can even look outside of your industry. If you do this look for a business where both your businesses can benefit.