Recurring Revenue Model Franchise – 4 Methods That Beat The Competition

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique Brand is Unique in the Market and Dynamic Services Innovate

Innovating the Pet Service Franchise

The goal for many small business owners in the pet service franchise is to get their shop to a point where it is self-operational. Once this happens, there are two options. Either continue to expand your operations and open up multi units, or simply retire. It will take an enormous amount of work to get your shop self-sufficient to the point where it will operate without you being on-site, but this is the goal.

Splash and Dash has a huge advantage over other pet service franchise shops–a recurring revenue model franchise. Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is the leader of the pack when it comes to offering unlimited monthly memberships. As the only pet franchise in the industry that offers multiple recurring revenue streams. This business model has propelled them to be ranked on the Inc. 500, 3 years and running.

This pet service franchise article will cover 3 different ways Splash and Dash implements recurring revenue into their franchise model, allowing other Franchise owners to take advantage of this award winning model .

recurring revenue model franchise methods

Evergreens: Auto Renewal Subscription

An auto renewal subscription is like an evergreen tree, its leaves will never brown. The subscription model is infinite, or at least until a customer decides to cancel their subscription. The most common example of auto renewal subscriptions are for cloud based document storage.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique has used this subscription model as the backbone of the company’s success. Emulated from the gym franchise industry, the model translates perfectly into a pet service franchise.

Customers want excellent service. Your shop provides and guarantees this. The Unlimited Dog Wash & Service is a two-way street. The service offers excellent pet grooming for customers who want to drop their pet off in a loving environment they trust. In return they pay a fair price that renews automatically.

A customer can get their dog bathed at their leisure and shop owners receive recurring revenue for win-win situation.

This makes Splash and Dash a unique and mutually beneficial option for pet owners who are fed up with the coldness and prices of big box pet grooming operations.

Sunk Money Consumables

This recurring revenue model franchise design is when a customer recognizes the value in a product and decides to make an initial investment. For example, a consumer loves coffee, but can’t afford to buy Starbucks everyday. They decide to invest a Keurig to make coffee. The customer will then need to buy the products that are branded for this product in order to continue to using their Keurig.

Splash and Dash follows this model as well, but not quite as forcefully. The company’s goal is to provide products and services to customers without demanding. (This is why we 100% guarantee products and service, and do not require consumer contracts)

Sunk money consumables that Splash and Dash has is our variety of premium pet food options. There is no binding subscription for customers. Customers purchase these healthy food choices because the company recognizes that the majority of customers want to give their dog the healthiest choice.

The recurring revenue happens in collaboration to their monthly membership. In this way, Splash and Dash can be one-stop-shop for all pet owner’s needs.

Splash and Dash offers pet food dietary options for any budget and employees are will always aid to help customers make an informed choice.

Retail  Consumables

Almost every storefront has viable usage of this type of a recurring revenue model franchise. Brand loyalty is key here. When someone goes to a McDonald’s and orders a burger, that customer knows wherever they are in the country, the burger will be the same–uniformity. The customer has a preconceived value in their mind about burger and will continue to go to Mcdonald’s to buy that specific burger.

A pet service franchise, like Splash and Dash, operates in the same way for recurring revenue. Just offering different products.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique offers gourmet dog treats, and a new aromatherapy line that is branded. Both products are superior to other pet service franchise retail products on the market, and customers know this, and will repeat their visits to your shop so they can purchase these specific products.

This also works in league with the Unlimited Monthly Membership. Customers will take their dog to Splash and Dash for a bath and see the convenience of purchasing products they need. Vice versa, if a customer runs out of gourmet dog treats, it incentives them to visit Splash and Dash to have their pet get a bath they are already subscribed for, and purchase more treats.


Pet store franchise shops aim for enterprise. Transparently, this is a goal of Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique. The difference is–this is the only one that offers multiple streams of a recurring revenue model franchise which benefits the shop owners, the employees, and the customer.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique was built on passion, and this will never change.  

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