Pet Franchise: 10 Reasons Project Managers Make Great Shop Owners

Industry Change is an Open Door

The concept and career pathway of a special project managers has undergone critical developments in the past few years.

Advances in technology, a changing emphasis on environmental impacts, and evolution of industries have made project managers an integral career pathways in the world economy.

As the pet franchise experiences it’s own market inflation many special project managers are making the transition to owning their own business. This article outlines 10 strengths of project managers that translate into entrepreneurial pursuits as a franchisee.


The pet franchise industry is growing strongly. As the franchise sector expands, the move to seeking out a stakes is becoming increasingly profitable.

Already geared toward risk analysis, special project managers make great business owners that minimize risk, and maximize profit.


Top quality project managers potentially earn $90K once hired by a reputable company. Many work freelance.

Owners of of single unit pet franchise have the potential to make significantly more than this, and multiunit owners could more than double their salary than as a projects manager.

Professional Growth

Special project managers work in a field with no cap. Each project helps them develop new skills cultivating their professional growth. A special project manager is a Swiss army knife–each blade acting as a different skill or tool.

Owning a franchise takes this multifaceted Swiss army knife approach to business to succeed. Every day is a new challenge. Everyday a new solution is developed.


Whether it is dealing with stakeholders, company directors, or project staff special project managers are great with people. They are articulate and have leadership skills.

This is important when thinking about investing in a pet franchise. Owners handle staff, accountants, and management teams. Delegating and leading drives these interactions with people. Special project managers have a strong background in this aspect, and are easily adaptable.


The special project manager route can be very nomadic. Many emigrate abroad to countries with a high demand for special project managers like Brazil and Russia.

For some, this fortuitous, for others that seek more stability they look for a transition in a secure career.

Owning multi unit franchises still takes traveling. Initially shop owners spend a good portion of their time on-site. Once the shop is self-sufficient this time dwindles.

Franchisees that once were small project managers are finding they have more life work balance as a shop owner than before.   

Leadership and Management

Special project managers lead their team. They identify the risk, obtain new processes, and implement the new systems to ensure success. This takes a huge amount of abstract thinking and being personable.

Taking a new role of business owner applies this same skill-set within a different sector.


Special projects manager have the advantage of seeing their efforts turn into tangible results.

The same process happens as a business owner. The amount of success directly correlates to effort and work put in. Being able to control your profits, labor, and financial parameters are not typical of corporate America, but is standard in the pet franchise sector.


Depending upon the industry, a project manager is the person who creates and enforces deadlines in order to help companies evolve and cope with change.

Creating a deadline for oneself and others is imperative for success as a small business owner.

Part of owning a pet franchise is taking advantage of retail opportunities and services. Deadlines will be dictated on market trends making deadlines even more important to provide for consumers.


Many entrepreneurs invest in a pet franchise to break the monotony of the 9-5 culture. Small business owners and special project managers alike set their own hours.

If you’re a morning person and you find your productivity strongest early, this will be your time to work. If you’re a night owl and work best alongside the moon, you can choose this option.

Technological development makes it easier than ever to work from home if your home office is the best place for you to work.


No two days are the same for project managers. This is the same of owning your own business.

You’ll never take the same ride twice.

Owning A Pet Franchise

If you are a special project manager that is thinking of making a transition into a small business owner like others in the field, please take these advantages into consideration:

  • You will gain the freedom to build your own dream.
  • Take your passion and turn it into profit.
  • Control your life and work balance.
  • Earn more money.
  • You will answer only to yourself.

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