9 Essential Principles for Landing Your Dream Job

You Should Never Have to Settle for a Job You Hate

The economy has changed. The pet franchise industry was a big factor in this change–an industry that saw major growth during the mortgage crisis.

After the 2008 recession creating economic shifts, and the advent of technological development widening the margins for a career change, workers no longer are tied down to a job they are unhappy with. Many have fled the restrictions of corporate America in pursuit of building something better.

According to Forbes, 75.4% of entrepreneurs worked at their companies for six unhappy years before leaving and venturing into creating their own company or investing in a franchise.

60.3% of respondents said they left specifically because they were unhappy with their work environments, and other sectors were more appealing to them.

This article outlines nine factors to help you land your dream job, and show some of the advantages of the pet franchise industry.

Knowing And Living Your Brand

  • Authenticity
  • Differentiation
  • Relevance

Being familiar with social selling and being able to brand yourself is important. Authenticity, differentiation, and relevance are the objective factors in creating a brand for yourself.


Be yourself. Even more significant be your best self. Establishing what makes you authentic takes making an inventory of yourself. What’s important to you? What are your goals? How do you plan on influencing others? The answers to these questions become your guide.

In the pet franchise industry answers to these might be, “I love dogs. I love bettering the community, and I want to earn a large salary.” If are a tech developer, the second two could be the same with the first being, “I love software.” (Might be a bad example, but hey we’re dog people).

No business venturist set out to solely make money. They wanted to make a change and better the world.


Stand out. If you don’t, you become a replaceable commodity. You loose value for companies, because you are not a brand. You want to be an integral part of the company you work for, and be able to broadcast this by having a branded representation of yourself as part of the company culture. This goes back to personal branding.

Software start-ups need individuals who are personally branded for clout and credibility. The pet franchise industry shop owners have intrinsic personal branding because they will be a leader in their community.

From being members of the local chamber of commerce to providing important pet health information to customers–shop owners need to be distinguished.


Being relevant takes uniqueness. This is where your appeal to others will take place–making you compelling. Hiring managers, CEOs, and selection committees all look at how you can impress them. What value can you provide for them?

Identify who these people are, and understand what makes you valuable to them.

Some companies might want a cunning salesman who will “close” at all costs. Others might need those who pay rigid attention to detail to systematize corporate processes. It’s all situational.

In the pet franchise industry, the uniqueness comes with your franchise’s brand, and what you bring to the table. Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique establishes its brand and company functions on strategies not used by any other pet franchise to stay innovative, competitive, and relevant.

The franchise works on the company, not in the company.


If people listen when you speak then you already have this–influence. Business meetings from start-ups, to international companies with thousands of employees, all count on their employees to provide feedback and insight. Whether this information is being considered is dependent on the company.

It is important to find a job where you can influential, where your ideas will be taken into account to strengthen the company holistically.

The pet franchise industry is contingent on establishing franchisees who will be influential where mutually valuable communication is built-in to company tactics.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique corporate listens to shop owners and vice versa. It takes communal action to be successful.


What gives you leverage for a company to hire you? Hiring staff is a big investment for a company, and managerial teams look at the “big picture” status of prospective employees. How will their investment in you bolster financial success? Develop your skills to a point (and beyond) to ensure a company will not want to lose you.

Indispensability is a cornerstone of capitalism. In the pet franchise industry, every shop owner is indispensable. Shop owner success is company success.

Splash and Dash protect shop owners, and the brand, with strong business ethics and revolutionizing old industry methods.


Passion comes from doing something that makes you happy. Yes. Everyone wants to make lots of money from their career. It is going to take passion to be successful when according to Forbes, 80.4% of entrepreneurs started out because of “an inability to find traditional employment.”

Tony Hsieh–venture capitalist and CEO of Zappos– says this, “Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.” He is right. True success comes from being motivated and inspired by what you do daily.

You should be waking up before the alarm, mind brimming with ideas on how to make the company run better, influence more, and earn more money.

The pet franchise industry is fortunate. Shop owners are inspired by their pets, and every idea they have to better the company is tangibly bettering themselves–earning them higher salaries. They inspire others to help give back to the community and inspire others in so many ways.

Whatever your passion is, please pursue it. Don’t settle.

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