7 Reasons a Pet Grooming Franchise is Better Than a Startup

A pet grooming business can be an excellent way to get the income you want as the pet industry is not only booming but recession-proof. However, the question many people have is whether it is better to buy a pet grooming franchise or to start your own business. Here are 7 reasons why you should think about buying a pet franchise rather than doing it on your own.


Have More Predictable Revenue

shutterstock_84715165When you start your own pet franchise you will find it hard to determine what your revenue potential is. When you go with a franchise you can at least look at similar markets with other franchises to get at least an understanding of what you may expect. Companies like Splash and Dash that offer a recurring revenue model make predicting revenue even easier.


Training is Provided

Training your own employees can be time-consuming and frustrating. Even just learning all the things you need to know about the business on your own can be hard. This is where a pet care franchise that offers training can be extremely helpful.


The Branding Power

Starting a pet grooming business from the ground up means taking on branding all on your own. When you choose a franchise, they will already have at least regional branding in place and are constantly growing, which means that your company will continue to grow as a result.


Growth Strategies

Creating business strategies and procedures can be difficult and time-consuming. The benefit of buying a franchise is that this is already done for you. You can simply implement the strategies they have outlined and watch as your pet grooming business turns a profit in no time.


Become Profitable Sooner

Many startup businesses take years or sometimes, even more, to become profitable. This is because there is a lot of trial and error that goes into this. However, when you use a franchise you are cutting out this trial and error aspect of a business startup as they have already done this for you. You simply take the strategies they offer in their franchise model and watch as this works for your business.


Invaluable Support

Support is something you will not have when you start your own pet grooming business. Sure you may have a support group that is there to listen when you are having a rough day. With a franchise though you will have someone who is there to help you through the issues you are having with the company and to help you come up with solutions to the issues.


Easier to Finance

Unless you have the money to fund the entire start-up of the business from your savings account, chances are you will need to use some sort of financing method. There are many options out there, but many people find this is hard to get with a startup. Rather, you have a better chance of getting the funding you need for your pet grooming business if you go with a franchise.