How to Properly Reschedule with Your Dog Franchise

When it comes to scheduling in your grooming salon, things can sometimes get a little out of hand. This is especially true if you own your own salon and do not have resources such as online booking or have figured out an efficient method for having dogs in and out. If you need to reschedule people in your dog franchise, there are a few ways you can do this. Knowing the ideal ways to reschedule will keep your customers happier.


The Wrong Way to Reschedulefranchise-questions

Before looking at the right way to reschedule a customer with your dog franchise, first we need to look at the wrong ways. This is a common practice in many businesses in all industries. Essentially the conversation goes something like this:


Sorry. I know you had an appointment for this time. However, you didn’t confirm and things have been crazy. So let’s set this for another time, OK?


You may even throw in excuses about groomers being sick or other issues that are going on in the business but this excuse doesn’t work for a couple reasons. For one, you are shifting the blame onto your customer. They made an appointment and may have plans around it. Don’t put the blame on them. This is off putting and a great way to lose clientele. Also, telling them you are crazy busy or giving other excuses makes it seem as though they are not as important as other customers.


How to Handle Rescheduling with Your Dog Franchise

Now that we have seen a good example of what not to do, let’s see the alternative. The first thing to do is to apologize for the inconvenience. You do not have to give a sob story. Chances are your customer will understand and this can avoid seeming like you are placing others ahead of them. Once you have conveyed your apologies, the next thing to do is let them know about your availability to you can reschedule. Be respectful of their time as well. You should also give them reassurance that this appointment will not be rescheduled.


Other Mistakes People Make

There are a few other mistakes people make when rescheduling with their dog franchise. One of the biggest is asking what a good time for the customer is. This seems harmless but it allows them to backout. It is like playing volleyball and you have just hit the ball back in their court. It also gives them a chance to backout. The better option here is to look at their history. Do they usually opt for Tuesday morning appointments? Then offer them something in that timeframe and let them let you know if something work better. Remember to always assume the sale and not leave it up to them.


The other mistake people make is not letting their customers know just how important they are. You need to let them know you care about them so you don’t lose them as a client. While giving them a long winded explanation will not help, there are things you can do. Tell them you know they are busy and you respect their schedule. Also, remember to use their pet’s name and maybe even talk about their pet for a minute if you have the chance to help show them you care about them and their pet.