4 Ways to Polish Your Customer Service

Customer Service is the Vantage Point the Pet Franchise has Over the Internet in the Retail Sector

Make A Point of Pride

The beautiful thing about being a small business owner is that you have the freedom and passion that comes with being your own boss. Being in the pet franchise takes that notion one step further. Everyday your environment is full of pets and the love for them. This makes it easy to provide excellent customer service, which is essential.

Pet franchise shop longevity is based on exemplary service and the enriching experience you can provide for your customers.

What makes Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique special is agreeably the concept model. This pet franchise boasts and delivers on exceptional service that extends further than the competition. Highlight this to your customers.

Listening to your customer’s needs and integrating that into your shop’s experience is half the battle. The other half is reinforcing the value and convenience of choosing Splash and Dash.

Be proud.

Being prideful of your employees, your shop’s conditions, and the engagement with your customer’s reinforces the greatness of your shop holistically.

Involve the Community

Everything is perspective. Involving your time and resources is better viewed, not as a chore, but as way to better the community. It is enriching to make a difference, and in terms of business actively bettering the community is an investment.

Many small business owners spend too much energy on PR. Let corporate worry about universal marketing, allowing you to focus more on local relationships.

In the pet franchise this time can be supplemented with community involvement. Many shops like the Splash and Dash in Durant, OK consistently focus on helping local animal rescues by hosting adoption day events. This is a win-win-win. Dog’s win by getting loving homes.

Customer’s win because the charitable act appeals to them.

You win because of all the above. The events publicizes your shop location, customer appeal will be gained, and you get to aid rescued dogs find a loving home.

As a small business owner in the pet franchise one accepts a natural leadership role within the community, and philanthropy is an aspect of this role.

Making a difference and being a beneficial impact on the world is a cornerstone in Splash and Dash company core values. The reward of this is the intrinsic reward and fulfillment of the pet franchise.

Let Your Shop be an Asset

Customers Choose Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique for the convenience. The design and store concept concentrates on making the store indispensable for pet owners–helping them to save time and money. This relates to both service and retail aspects of the store.

Highlight what makes Splash and Dash a better option in the pet franchise and other groomers. The selection of products provides a one-stop-shop for all budgets and pet parents that want to supply the healthiest possible choices for their furr-babies. A healthy reminder to your customer’s will help remember to take advantage of services, and will help them to appreciate your shop.

Highlights that Make Splash and Dash Stand Out

  • Pet Taxi Service
  • Valet Carry Out Service
  • Cute Cut Guarantee
  • Technology: Text Message Appointment Reminders
  • Pet IQ Tracking
  • Ten-Point Wellness Review
  • Available and Informative Employees

Focus on Quality

A great pet franchise like Splash and Dash is a well oiled machine, and a great team and family atmosphere goes a long way.

Part of being an owner is being the face of your shop. Small business owners are professional representatives of the shop to the community, and the customer experience of your shop reflects on you.

This is a tactful position.

As owner you have the control and freedom to make your shop operate at the highest quality possible application. The customer is always right. This adage was as relevant in the 1800’s as it is today in retail settings, especially in the pet franchise. Remember you and your employees are dealing with someone’s “child,” an animal that is an extension of themselves that they love just as much as you love your dogs at home.

Showing customers that your employees understand this and taking an active approach to broadcast this is fundamental.

Shop morale is one of the most important and controllable ways to give customers excellent service. When you are happy, your employees are happy, your customers will be happy.

A smile from the owners face is contagious and will spread down the chain. Greeting every customer eagerly with a smile and a positive attitude and helpful attitude will make them feel appreciated. Rich customer interaction also provides the opportunity to help them make informed decisions for their spending choices (up-selling).

Smiling is just important as as cleanliness and the great smell of your store.

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