The Pet Franchise: A Place of Passion and Pride

Everyone remembers their first school career day. Representatives of various intriguing industries came in to tell you about their jobs. It was thought-provoking. You looked ahead to opportunities, challenges, and money to make–ready for the future. Unfortunately reality doesn’t always look like elementary school career day.

Flash forward to higher education. When you selected your major. You were probably filled with images of your passion. From Business Administration, too Psychology majors, many students believe they are going to graduate, then find a career in their field. A job that challenges, interests, and pays a decent salary. This is the dream.

Flash forward a decade. Maybe two. Are you happy with your career?

A select few can say yes, but for many the answer is ‘no,’ or at best, maybe ‘kind of.’ People should be excited on the drive to work. The place of business should be a creative space for individuals to use their skills to build services or products they can be proud of. Many of us settle for jobs that fall short–intellectual dead ends.

You have options.

In 2009, Dan Barton, had a vision. His vision was to start a pet franchise that was different, a unique place that changed the industry. A store that could better the community by spreading knowledge and love of animals. His own dog,–Mercedes–was the inspiration. Mercedes is a Yorkshire Terrier that needs as much love as she does baths.

The goal was to make a business for pet lovers. Barton wanted to establish a place for pet lovers to connect. A place for pets to be treated in a lap of luxury. That year Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique was created. A few years later, and the idea made the Inc. 500 list three years in a row.

This is a new year.

Too many of us are already crave for Friday and it’s only Monday. Too many of us have bosses that look over our hard work. Too many of us come home exhausted and unfulfilled. Work should not just be work. It should be something that you can pour yourself into. A place where you feel rewarded at the end of the day, both in the bank account and in the soul.

If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time to take make a change.

There are no illusions here. The pet franchise is an industry that takes a special type of person to succeed. That person must love making meaningful connections in their community, and wants to make the world a little bit better, every day. It takes experience, loyalty, teachability, drive, and passion. An intrinsic love for animals is also crucial.

You can build a team of 3-4 people, become your own boss, work the hours you want to work, and find that meaning in your career you’ve been longing for.

There is no greater feeling than going to work everyday and not being able to contain your excitement. You go to sleep thinking of brilliant ideas of how to make your shop even better, how to help pet owners even more, and seeing a smile on everyone’s face–pets included. You wake up and make this a reality.
The feeling of passion in the workplace is deteriorating. Don’t let your dreams fade away just to feel financially secure. The pet franchise is a mecca for entrepreneurs. If you’re tired of complaining to your friends about work. If you’re tired of hating your job, and working for a boss that neglects your tenacious efforts. Make a change. Don’t look back on your life and think ‘what if.’ Seize your dreams. Be happy. Be passionate.