2017 Economic Trends Influencing the Pet Franchise

With 2016 sunken past the horizon, many small business owners are wondering what 2017 will have in store for the pet franchise. The post-election climate, tech innovation, and emerging marketplace trends lead individuals to believe this business year will be precarious and unsteady.

These are just marketplace jitters.

There will be changes in the economic sphere that will affect the pet franchise sector, but reports are all show positive trending.This article will help illuminate some of the forecast predictions for 2017, and what shop owners should be aware of in the coming year.

Stay on Target

The dawn of a New Year brings trepidation, but it’s important to keep focused and take advantage of drivers of change. When you go to re-evaluate your business plans do so consciously, but be wary of backtracking.

Reverse strategizing as an attempt to try and dodge legislative shockwaves are usually premature decisions. Most workforce changes take place because of tech innovation and emerging population shifts like millennials and Generation Z drastically influencing marketing.

Speak with your CPA (certified professional accountant) before making any concrete changes to your back office plans.

If you decide to make New Year’s resolutions that will translate into business goals, stick to them. The best way to make goals come to fruition is to realize your style of goal planning. If you are a person who manages themselves on a daily spectrum, make a series of daily goals that will result in a long-term goal. If you operate with long-term objectives lucidly, make sure your focus doesn’t strain.

Splash and Dash is Continuing to Rank in Finance Magazines

Industry and finance magazines are making predictions based on pet franchise growth and Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is continually highlighted as a pet franchise to be aware of. Forbes and INC. Magazine are two that have publicized the company.

This is great news on several levels.

Of course, these forecast predictions parallel the company expansion that took place in 2016. It also gives insights into competitors and other business within the pet franchise industry. One observable insight is that the Splash and Dash business concept and business configuration will continue to be protected and preserved as a unique opportunity for investors.

The business models that are surfacing are premium dog food start-ups, upscale pet hotels, and cloud-based dog training programs. These are non-direct competitors in the sector and emerging businesses in the industry—good signs.

More good news is that consumers are in the market for upscale options concerning their pets. Customers are more likely to choose a mom-and-pop pet groomer with excellent service and products over generic industrialized options.

Also discernible from these reports, is that the pet franchise industry will be a prevailing commerce in the international market. This means territory expansion and lots of room to grow.

Diversity; A Leading Vehicle of Business

A recent benchmark report from the Forbes Insights found that 56% of upper-level executives in multinational corporations have stated that diversity helps drive innovation.

Diversity not only stimulates the job market but has consumer appeal. People are attracted to companies that value varying perspectives, both in hiring philosophy, and in business practice. Diversifying the marketplace also helps to offset the over-saturated job market.

It is estimated that within four years the 1 to 2.5 million jobs that have gone unfilled will reach out to minorities and women to fill the gap.

The glass ceiling is cracking. Barriers in the marketplace are being lifted, meaning talented individuals will have more opportunities.

Again, this is great news for Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique. As a pet franchise with philanthropic goals, the company is fortunately not subject to antiquated practices.

Employee Recognition Drives Engagement

Economical analysts have been referring to a Gallup study showing that American employee engagement is low. The statistics in the report show dissatisfaction in the majority of corporate America.Engagement is low. Productivity and employee morale are extensions of engagement. Shop owners need to maintain a workplace that is productive by giving recognition to staff.  

Give credit where credit is due.

This pertains to bathers and groomers who are considered artists of their industry. Ensure that management and other leaders in your shop are encouraging all levels of staff. Splash and Dash terminal software allows managers to track employee performance making recognition seamless and legitimate. 24% of respondents stated that praise from upper management is what is sought after by employees so shop owners need to recognize staff who are working diligently and fulfilling goals.

Recognizing employees’ work is not just a polite formality. It makes businesses run smoother with an increase in staff morale.

Tech. Tech. Tech.

Rapid drivers in the workplace are the tech innovations that are being integrated into business systems.

The introduction of native marketing, chat bots, AI, 3-D printing, and nanotechnology make some offices look more a science fiction movie set than a business. But it is 2017 and to quote

Abraham Lincoln, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” Using cloud computing makes delegating this responsibility more fluid and systematic.

This is why Splash and Dash remains at the forefront of cutting edge technology that applies to the pet franchise.

Adopting new forms of tech that innovate the company behind the scenes and are aimed at customers’ convenience is one of the forefront priorities. Shop owners might not need 3D printers in their shops, but it is also important to be aware of business modernization and trial what can work.

Technology is just one more facet of business that helps everyone involved in the Splash and Dash pet franchise work on their business, and not in it.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique wants to wish you a happy New Years and wishes you luck in 2017.


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