During Grand Rapid’s Construction One Lazy Employee Was Caught Napping!

Laziness and Sloth-like Behavior Rears it’s Sordid Head as an Employee Is Caught Sleeping on the Job!

You never want this to happen to you!  For most of us smart ones, we have perfected the one-eye-standing-nap. You close one eye and let that side of the body sleep. You switch eyes every ten minutes and, voila! You have successfully power napped while standing—maintaining the illusion of diligence. This is despicable, but there is still dignity in the one-eye-standing-nap.

For one infamous Splash and Dash employee,  our once beloved, but now fallen from grace, “special project manager,” took things one step further. The employee—who shall remain nameless—stowed himself away in a dog crate for a snooze. That’s right ladies and gentlemen….he was found sleeping in a dog crate, like a bilge rat stowed away in the underbelly of a ship. Like a homeless man and a Koala had a child together that took an Ambien for breakfast, this employee slimed his way into the dog crate instead of working!

Franchise Owners! I call upon you in this manifesto! If you see this employee—pinch him! Buy him a cup of coffee! Splash water in his sluggish face! Whatever you can do to keep him awake and working! Don’t feel bad for this Sandman! He sleeps plenty during the hours he’s not on the clock. This Rip Van Winkle is just a downright loafer.

It’s Play Dirty. Live Clean….not Nap Time. Live Napping! Jeez….


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique’s Corporate Team


P.S. What!? Are there no Dunkin’ Donuts in Michigan or something?