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Top 5 Online Dog Grooming Schools Every SD Owner Should Know About

Five Best Online Dog Grooming Schools

Do you feel the calling to work with animals? Becoming a pet groomer is an awarding and creative career that is actually much easier to break into than you might think. There are a few options to get started. You can find a veteran dog groomer and see if they would be open to an apprenticeship. You can attend a dog grooming school to get a diploma or certification.  Or, for those looking for an convenient transition into the industry, a dog grooming school online might be the best bet.

Technically you don’t need a diploma or a certification to practice pet grooming. However, in an industry where you are working alongside animals, and their sometimes very particular pet owners, pursuing a professional diploma or certification program is an advantage you will want to consider. Having an accredited school on your resume combined with experience will help legitimize you as a groomer. It will be much easier to get clients or find a career in a pet spa after completing a program. Since the industry is unregulated—licensing is not required—any accredited school can create their own certification standards.

Depending on your situation, you will need to choose which program you want to attend. There are full online programs. Or blended programs that feature some on-site training and some online courses. A typical dog grooming school online will focus on pet salon maintenance, dog handling, and using professional pet grooming equipment. Courses will cover specific grooming needs of each breed, popular cuts, and grooming techniques like hand-stripping, scissoring, carding, and deshedding. The majority of programs take around are three months to complete.

Penn Foster Online

Penn Foster College is highly sought after because the program is nationally and regionally accredited program. For some, a certification at Penn Foster is reputable and is an impressive bullet point on a pet groomer’s resume.

Penn Foster’s online courses offer information on understanding canine anatomy, personalities, behavior, and more. The curriculum is broken down into 7 segments with corresponding modules. You will learn to groom all dog breeds from mixed breeds to Poodles. Penn Foster’s courses also cover the business side of grooming. Provided by the school are grooming tools; a universal comb, dog nail trimmers, and slicker brush are supplied for use in the program.

The course can be completed in two months and tuition is $519.

ABC Online

ABC, or animal behavior college has an extensive blended curriculum. The program combines online courses with hands-on training. Courses review safe grooming techniques, use of tools, and how to maintain a calm grooming environment.

A complete grooming toolkit is also provided with 40 professional grooming tools including: clippers, blades, shears, brushes, combs, shampoo, and conditioner. This helps propel dog groomers into a career.

The way it works is, you first complete the online portion of the program before moving on to the hands-on training component. The ‘externship’ is an 100-hour hands-on training experience at a grooming salon. The curriculum has 11 stages, and after a final exam, you will also be certified in Pet CPR and First aid.

Completion of the program varies and tuition is $3,799.

Basics & Beyond

This isn’t quite a dog grooming school online but it offers the same premise. Instead of completing online modules you receive the course in the mail which is mostly delivered through DVDs. This schooling is recommended for entrepreneurs who want to start a grooming business. Basics & Beyond offers a thorough education in animal grooming, shop setup, and information about the grooming industry.

Students send in before-and-after pictures with written detailed explanations of their grooming work that will be graded on a rubric. At the end of the course, your certification is provided.

The course costs $325 + $15 S&H.

JKL Grooming

This online grooming school is very flexible and is great for groomers who are already working but want to pursue certification to bolster their career and those who want to break into the industry. There are two online pathways to take at JKL.

The first option is the Internationally Accredited Diploma course. This dog grooming course is a six month home study program with assistance with a practicum for hands-on training, and a final examination. The Certificate Dog Grooming courses is a three-month academic course without the practicum work. An ideal applicant should have at least one year’s experience grooming for this program.  

The total course cost for the diploma course is between $894-$1914. The certificate program costs $524.

Online Grooming School

Getting a certification through the online grooming school overseen by the parent company INC—a pet grooming salon, and online and on-site pet grooming school. Using their digital schooling format is the equivalent of attending classes in their facilities in California from the comfort of your own home.

A certification included becoming a “Certified Pet Hygienists & Certified Pet Groomer.” Courses can either be sent to your house in DVD format or streamed online.


If you are pursuing a career in the lively pet grooming industry, online courses might be your best option. Learning how to properly groom a dog is an in-depth experience. You need to have a firm but gentle touch and be able to soothe and handle nervous animals. Of course, this not all. You will also need to master the various aesthetic techniques to be able to groom a dog not only to the industry standard but to the wishes of your client.

Attending a dog grooming school online is your first step!


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Three Growing Areas to Start Successful Franchises

With all the hype thrown around,  it’s hard to tell what’s legitimate and what’s greasy. When you research different franchises, there’s a lot of pageantry involved with Discovery Days and the boasting of irrelevant figures. Buying a franchise should look more like a partnership, even with the big guys. It is illegal to disclose how much any individual franchise location will make, and past profits will be included in the FDD. This puts future franchise owners in a precarious spot. This is why transparency and research are the road lines in the street of due diligence. So what are the successful franchises and what are the sinking ships?

Looking at the industry as a whole helps future owners get a comprehensive peak at their possible ROI. The three industries that dominate the franchise market are also the fastest growing: Quick-Service Restaurants, Pet Services, and Maintenance.

Let’s examine each to see the pros and cons of investment.

Quick-Service Restaurants

Since 1955, when the golden arches first opened their doors to franchising and burger gourmands alike, the fast food titans have reigned the market. This has forced newcomers to innovate. The new models are designed with a more upscale ambiance. A popular model is the quick customizable menu choices that were first popularized by Chipotle. One step further, are the all-natural healthier alternative chains who are gaining huge traction, like Panera Bread.

Although in the past two years, McDonald’s did close around 750 locations. In the same time period—the chain opened 1,000 additions to their international location count. These openings offset the failing locations. The net 300 additions are keeping the franchise afloat. If anything, this is indicative of a shifting market and how franchisee ambition can make or break the success of a restaurant.

One thing is for sure, whether you plan on opening a Subway or a Taco Bell you’re well within an industry that will not budge.

The Pet Franchise Industry

Many have found a way to translate their love for animals into owning successful franchises in the currently exploding pet industry. Pet ownership is on the rise with 84.6 million homes in the U.S. reporting to own pets. In response to the demand for pet food, care, medical services, and dog leashes franchising in all-things-pets has become a lucrative and joyful experience for franchise owners.

The industry has been steadily rising since the early 90’s.  Spending really took off during the recession and 2015 when spending increased by almost 11%, or $6.47 billion.

This new demand opened the floodgates for workers ditching corporate America and finding better opportunities owning anything from a pet grooming franchise to a dog training center. Mobile grooming is also taking off. Many pet owners prefer the convenience of getting their dog’s grooming done from their house. The dual pet grooming shops that also sell retail items have seen enormous growth too. These franchises model the mom-and-pop pet store but have profitable business concepts like recurring revenue to continually push the business forward. The advantages of these concepts are proliferating into successful franchises.

As pets become more of a staple of American life, and the norm becomes thinking of them as children who should be spoiled as such, it is evident this industry will continue to swell.

Maintenance Franchises

Low start-up costs, the inevitability of everything getting dirty, and eventually breaking is the recipe for dozens of successful franchises in the maintenance industry.

Maid services, lawn care, electrical, and appliance repair are just a few niches within the second largest segment in the franchise domain. Maintenance franchises make up 12.6% of the market. This growth welcomes handymen everywhere to put their practical skills to money-making uses with proven business models.

The best franchises to research are ones with environmentally friendly messages and solutions. As more awareness of carbon footprints and sustainability increases, many customers will opt for eco-friendly products and services. Consumers are typically willing to pay higher costs for cleaner solutions.

Franchises like NaturaLawn of America, Mosquito Squad, and You’ve got Maids are all great places to start the search. However, be wary of franchises that have come into some controversial heat in the last few years. A few companies have been sued for fraud and other unethical business practices and publicity of this nature is not the brand you want to represent. All litigation will be disclosed in an FDD.

The Secret to Successful Franchises Everyone Knows About

Yes—research, instincts, and finding the perfect match are all crucial when shopping around for small businesses. But the real reason franchise owners earn their ROI a year after opening—then go on to expand and earn considerable wealth—is they were able to take a critical look at themselves.

Owning a small business takes dedication. You are in a constant flux of creativity. When market trends shift out of your favor, how do develop a marketing campaign to bring customers back? When construction begins on the street in front of your shop, how do you endure the shortage of foot traffic?

The answer is passion.

Find out what you are passionate about. Then you will not only be able to reach successful heights, but the everyday challenges of owning a business will play an integral factor in your happiness.

Good luck!

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