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Buying a Dog Grooming Business for 2016

The pet industry is constantly growing and is often underestimated for its power in the general market. Individuals seeking financial freedom and the ability to be their own boss may be looking at franchises as a way to quicken this process. If you’re not sure what industry to look into, why not consider a dog grooming business? Here are some facts about why this business beats out the others you could choose from in the coming.


The Pet Industry is Constantly Growing

In the past few years the United States has faced recession all across the country. In most industries, franchises and small businesses faced decreased income and most even became negative. However, while all the other industries were floundering in the market, it was the pet industry that came out as the top dog. It not only continued to make a steady income, but the growth was consistent for every year of the recession.


Why a Dog Grooming Business Over Others?pet grooming

A dog grooming business is a great personal asset for a number of reasons. With Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, franchisees are able to take advantage of the revolutionary membership program for dog grooming. This insures a monthly premium is paid to the franchisor, making income predictable and countable even before making additional sales. On a less specific note, dog grooming is just as necessary to pet health as vets or feeding your dog the right food. If you own a dog grooming business, you’re providing a health service that pet parents not only want, but need.


Ways to Market a Dog Grooming Business

There are so many occasions where dog grooming is necessary in a pet’s life. If you are not sure how you can take advantage of owning a dog grooming business, then you may not have explored all the possibilities yet. Pet parents do not just bathe their dogs when they are dirty, but may also go for a good grooming if the pet is smelling dusty, moldy, or otherwise unpleasant. Pet parents may also get their dogs groomed for special events. In this case, they may ask for dog cologne, a bow, or a handkerchief in order to primp their pet further. In other cases, pet parents may take their dogs for the regular grooming their pet needs in order to maintain a healthy coat. Some dogs have thicker coats or have hair that must be trimmed in order to remain healthy, but be unable to do the work either from lack of skill, proper tools, or time.


The Pet Industry in the Coming Yearpet franchise

2015 was a great year for the pet industry and only affirmed that it is not only a quickly, constantly growing industry, but that it is one of the most dynamic industries in the U.S. economy. With every passing year, individuals are coming up with new, innovative technologies and services to help pets and pet parents including cameras to monitor pet activities when pet parents are away, collars that double as pedometers, and crazy gadget toys. Over the last years, more and more pet parents are keeping their pet’s health in mind and looking to take care of them better. This means more money spent on good pet food and treats, veterinary care, and most importantly, dog grooming. These are some the great reasons why a dog grooming business would be an excellent investment for the coming year.