How the Best Franchises Improve Their Social Media Presence

We all know that social media can have a huge impact on your store. As you work on your own social media campaigns, you may find it tedious or even difficult to figure out what you can do to make your shop stand out among the many other pet franchises in your area. Here are the secrets the best franchises know that help them have a great social media presence.


Know that Selling Should be Minimalnew-results

A good rule of thumb with social media is that selling should only be 10% of the posts you make. The rest should be relevant and engaging content that makes your audience want to follow you. Think about it from their perspective. Would you want to follow a page that spammed you with ads for their products. Even if you loved the product or service, it gets old after a while. This is where ads can be very helpful.


Use Boosted Posts Strategically

If you are going to invest money into boosting your posts, then the best thing you can do is make sure you go with the best content to do this. You may think an ad for a special is the best way to boost a post, but really this is best saved for your advertising budget on Facebook. Rather, use this with well received posts or ones that highlight what you offer, such as before and after shots for the dogs. Even if you are not in the pet industry, it is still important to think about the way you boost the posts. You don’t want to boost just anything but rather something that will make people take  notice of your brand and make them want to follow your page.


Make Your Employees Your Brand Ambassador

Another secret the best franchises utilize is making their employees their brand ambassadors. Having people other than just your company talking about your company and sharing photos can be a huge help to your social media presence. It could be them talking about how much they love their job, stories about the dogs they enjoy working with, sharing pictures with the furry friends they make and so much more. It may be a  good idea to encourage social media usage on company time for this purpose. Just make sure you go over proper social media ettiquette for businesses before you have them start doing this so their posts stay in line with your company values.


Be Consistent

Consistency is key when you are trying to build an audience or keep one for that matter and the best franchises know this. This means more than just posting at specific times, but rather you want to have specific days you post on. Whether it is every day or once a week, you want people to know when they can expect to see content from you. However, we would suggest posting more than once a week as this is not enough to keep people engaged on your page.


Response Time Matters

shutterstock_158522159You also need to be consistent with your responses online. Facebook now shows how long it takes a page to respond so if you are slow to respond this will hurt your credibility. A good way to keep up on this is to watch your Facebook notifications on your phone so you can respond right away (or as soon as possible) to people. The best franchises keep track of their social media all the time so they can be quick to respond, which in turn boosts audience engagement.