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6 Tips for Improving Online Communication in Pet Franchises

Social media has given the owners of pet franchises more chances to build and communicate with clients and customers than ever before. By utilizing it effectively, you can reach your current clientele, build on it, and maintain consumer loyalty. Here are a couple of tips on communicating with your social media audience:


1.      Post Regularly for Your Pet Franchises

For owners of pet franchises, maintaining an online presence is probably one of the hardest things to do. While it might seem like enough to simply build a webpage to allow responses, you should also be posting articles, status updates, and responses to your customers to show it is a well-maintained webpage and that you care about consumers. Make it a priority to post on the business Facebook page minimally once a day. You should post on all your social media pages regularly to help build your customer base. You may need to respond more often if customers are engaging with you more. It only takes a little effort to make someone feel more special and having a company that you like to respond to you is just enough for many consumers.


2.      Respond to All Consumers

Every comment for pet franchises is important regardless of whether the consumer is saying something positive or negative. Take the time out of your day to respond to each consumer who leaves you a message. This is your chance to turn around a bad experience or build solidarity and member loyalty.


3.      Link Multiple Accounts

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Pinterest, and many other social media sites out there. If you have multiple social media webpages, link them. Not only does linking them give you the ability to update them all at once, but it helps you remember they exist.


4.      Post Positive Messages

Consumers love to know that the pet franchise they shop at is made up of real people who love what they do. When you post on social media, do not say anything rude, mean, or hurtful, but try to be peppy, upbeat, positive, or motivating. You will leave a longer-lasting impression that way. Finally, do not forget your holidays.


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5.      Use the #Hashtag

The hashtag has become so important in social media over the last few years that even Facebook has included it in its system. With pet franchises, the hashtag will not only make you easier to find regarding specific topics but will help others refer to what you’re doing. Use the hashtag where it is appropriate and your audience will build, even if the topic is not business-related. #HappyHolidays from #SplashandDashforDogs.


6.      Remember Social Media is Public Relations

It is easy to forget because the internet is part of our personal lives, but when you are on your business accounts talking to your clientele through social media, this is an act of public relations. Be professional and respectful. Remember: maintaining social media webpages is a form of customer service.