How to Use Holiday Shopping to Drive Sales in Pet Franchises

Many business owners love the holiday season for more than just the beautiful snow and abundance of egg nog but for the revenue it can generate for the company. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent during the holidays every year and people are spending more money than ever on their dogs. if you want to see the most money from this spending then there are some tips for marketing pet franchises at the holiday.



Create the Right Deals for Pet Franchises

There is no denying that everyone wants an amazing deal on merchandise at the holidays. You want to create a sale that is eye catching without cutting your profits too much. Take a look at the items that are selling best. These are the ones you want to put the deepest discount on. Make sure you are not undervaluing your product as this can be bad for your image. If you are unsure of the price to market at, talk with your franchisor.



Build Anticipation

One of the best things you can do is to create anticipation for your sales. You want to make people excited to come into your store and buy something they want for their pets. While the great deals will get people excited, you have to reach them. Make sure you are using social media and online marketing to your advantage with pet franchises. There are several sites that post holiday deals all through the holiday season so make sure you advertise your sales online so it can be picked up by other sites. Even if they are simply posting your ads to drive traffic for their own gain, your sales will benefit from this.


All Your Marketing Should be Personable

This is true all year long, but the holidays are about cheer. If you aren’t showing that your company is cheerful, then it may deter traffic. This does not mean you have to decorate the store from head to toe and force employees to wear Santa hats. Rather just adding a little fun and festive element to all your marketing materials can go a long way.


Use the Right Keywords

Whether you are sending a mass email or creating a landing page, the keywords are the bread and butter for marketing pet franchises online. This is what will draw in people through searches and help to make your marketing materials visible. In emails, this can be the difference between your email ending up in the inbox or the junk folder.