Subway- Great Franchise, Though Minimal Variation

There is no denying that Subway is an amazing franchise. It has been in business since 1964 and offering franchising since the 70’s. In this time the company has made a huge name for themselves and has a cult-like following. There are a few things to think about before you start the process of buying a Subway franchise.


What Makes Subway a Great Franchise

franchise-questionsThere are many aspects of Subway that make it attractive to prospective franchise buyers. They look at the company and they see that it is an international company that has instant brand recognition. They see that the Subway franchise fee is competitively priced with the industry and the startup costs are lower than some of the other fast-food chains out there, such as McDonald’s.


Along with the branding benefits of a Subway franchise, prospective franchisees love the quality of the food served at these locations. The company is known for their high quality ingredients and a focus on healthier choices for food which is another reason so many people choose to open a Subway restaurant. You can make healthier sandwiches, salads and more for people every day. If food, or more specifically sandwiches, are something you feel passionate about then you may consider buying a Subway franchise.


But… What Happens When Monotony Sets in?

While a Subway franchise can be a great money maker for you and make you feel great that you are feeding people healthier alternatives, there will come a point where you will feel like you just can’t make another sandwich. It becomes the same thing day in and day out. Same sandwiches, different faces. As amazing as the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sub is there are only so many you can make before you feel like you are losing your mind.


When you reach this point, there are two options available to you:


  1. Hire new employees so you don’t have to make sandwiches- This sounds great in theory but this also reduces the amount of profit which means less money in your pocket.
  2. Continue making subs until you lose your mind- Obviously this is not the ideal solution but what else can you do if you can’t cut your profits? On the plus side you can count the number of months you have left in your 20-year Subway franchise agreement.


Splash and Dash Eliminates the Repetitive Tasks

If you are still looking for a franchise and have not signed your contract for a Subway franchise, then you should know the alternative the inevitable boredom this franchise can cause. The alternative is Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique. This is a dog grooming franchise that has revolutionized the booming (and recession-proof) pet industry.


The reason this franchise is able to eliminate boredom by having plenty of different activities in the shop. The stores offer a full grooming salon so one day you may be giving a bath to a Shiba Inu and the next you may be doing a showroom cut on a Yorkie. The different variations with this help to keep the business exciting.

In addition to this, you will avoid boredom by getting more time to connect with your clients. Sure in a Subway franchise you will have regulars but you see them for a minute while you make them food and then they are gone. At Splash and Dash, the signature bath membership allows you to see the same customers on a regular basis so you get to know them. The interaction with the people and their dogs is more involved and creates a greater relationship with the customers.