Splash and Dash Attends Global Pet Expo

Once again, Corporate team members CEO, Dan J. Barton, and Special Project Manager, Andrew Shaffer, met with new shop owners to explore and network the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL.

The expo took place March 22-24th. Last year, the tally was 1,087 exhibitors, 3,218 booths, and more than 3,000 new product launches. Splash and Dash shop owners new and old were in attendance to sift through all the exciting madness.

New shop owners attended the expo to select vendors and distributors for future inventory. Attending the expo is helpful. Shop owners have the opportunity to receive show pricing which is 20 percent off contingent on vendors. The expo also hosts keynote speakers and seminars where Splash and Dash shop owners found updated information on the pet industry.  

Other highlights of the expo included the unveiling of the U.S. pet industry spending figures. Up $6 billion, 2016 ended at a record high of $66.75 billion a 10.7 percent growth. The Best in Show winners are also announced with Qwizl—a dog chew toy—winning the first place in the dog category.

Overall, there are 13 football fields’ filled with booths displaying anything a pet boutique owner could ever dream of. The Global Pet Expo features products for all pets including products for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, small animals, and horses.  

Shop Owner Attendees:

  • Charles Edgar Pasadena, CA
  • Beth McElroy Monroe, NY
  • Valayia Smith Alamo Heights, TX
  • Bill and Anne Williams Chicago, IL
  • Susan D’Amodio St. James, NY