Rundown on Company Retreat

Last month, every franchise owner gathered in sunny St. Pete, Florida, to put their heads together on upcoming company happenings. Meetings spanned over two days— including operational discussions, vendor presentations, award ceremonies, and a taco party fit with Margaritas. The retreat was productive and as always there was plenty of great food (and booze).

Action Items on the Agenda:


Friends-Add-ons-Retail-Management-Service is in beta and will soon be released once development is finished. This addition to the terminal software is a POS update. As part of each customer’s profile, a grading-system will be included so that shop owners can access data on engagement levels of their customers.

Design Layouts

The corporate team is configuring updated layouts for every location. The inclusion of merchandising displays like the Cycle wall, Treat Wall, Grass Wall, Butcher’s Block, and Nesting tables will all be integrated into new store designs.


Casual Cut Vs Salon Cut

Franchise owners definitively concluded the difference between a casual cut and a salon cut.


Casual Cut–A grooming cut in which a #10 or #7 blade is used over the body which allows for less finish work.

Salon Cut–A blade longer than a #7 is used on the body or any breed pattern on the body. Certain breeds get a #7 on the body but not on the legs. This dog’s legs will need to have a pattern set and scissoring will blend the length of coat fur into the legs.


The importance of knowing the difference is time. Casual cuts take less time than salon cuts and need to be charged accordingly to compensate for the amount of time your groomer spends with each dog.

Standardized Discounts

New parameters for discounts have been set-up to ensure discounting is standardized company-wide.

Announcing Rental Beds

Splash and Dash’s unique bed rental program is available. Customers can now rent a bed for their dog to rest on while in the kennel for $8. Franchise owners can purchase the program with Andrew during scheduled shampoo orders.

Sales Tax Program

Franchise owners can now a set up a savings account that will automatically deduct projections for the year’s tax payments. This will make accounting easier during tax season.  


The retreat closed with an award ceremony congratulating franchise owners on the first two-quarter’s achievements. Congratulations again, to the following award-holders!


Dues Line Net Change

Q1– Valayia  

Q2– Beverly


Average Ticket

Q1 — Susan

Q2 — Susan


Customer Service

Q1 — Beth

Q2 — Jaime/John


Total $ per Square Foot

Q1 — Beth

Q2 — Beth


Membership Retention

Q1 — Beth

Q2 — Mark


Customer Retention

Q1 — Valayia

Q2  — Valayia