5 Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Were you Born With a Mind for Business?

There is a little Bill Gates in all of us. Some are little more attuned with the entrepreneurial spirit. While others may have to harness it. Studies and analysis of strong CEO’s show common traits between all of them. These traits may have helped gear them for success within the pet franchise and beyond into other sectors. 

These subtleties of personality gave industry moguls advantages to find success. These traits are both innate and can be learned.

Entrepreneurship goes beyond embracing innovation and having the ability to think abstractly. One must become the innovator. One must become the challenge others are trying to think around. Jeff Bezos–founder of Amazon.com–was able to think outside of the box to create. What makes company founders like Bezos so powerful is that competition can only mimic what has already been done. They spend their time trying to copy his ideas. Bezos and many others all have a few things in common–personality traits.

Do you have any of these traits?

Natural Observations of Disparity

A natural eye for seeing a need of consumers is a personality trait. Ever walk through a mall with an entrepreneur? They can point out why each store is a great business. The Apple Store is the easiest example. Whether you’re a Mac person or an Apple person, one thing is clear. The Iphone was the first mainstream smartphone. The Ipad was the first mainstream tablet. The late great Steve Jobs made this happen. Jobs saw the hole in the market. Then filled it. The question isn’t the superiority of the product, it’s who got the product out there first.

Those with a business oriented mind have a tendency to do this. An empty lot is not just a plot of land. It’s a plot of land waiting to be constructed into something valuable. Entrepreneurs see a gap, or a hole, where money can be made organically. A hole like this exists within the pet franchise, and the hole is gradually getting deeper.

One of the remarkable aspects of the pet franchise is that the industry is seeing enormous growth. It was the only industry to grow during the American recession. Numbers projected strong with spikes in the billions happening since 2008.

The reason for this great numbers is the kinship between pet and human is solidified throughout various markets, premiumization boosting the market, and consumers are returning to quality over quantity styles of shopping.

Early Risers to Pet Franchise 

Studies show that “morning people” have a tendency to be more successful. But if you’re a “snooze button” person, there are also studies that show night owls having more genius traits than morning larks.

It’s not about when you work, but how hard you work. It’s about the drive, ambition, and exercising diligence. That’s what’s important. Regardless of psychological studies, morning owls may have the advantage in the business world. Every entrepreneur is constantly trying to squeeze more hours into the day. 24 hours is never enough.

If you start your day at 6 a.m. this gives you three hours to get ahead of everyone else starting up 9. John Rampton–serial entrepreneur and founder of Hostt–advises taking the early route. Much of the corporate day is dedicated to systematizing, bureaucracy, and meetings. If you get the majority of your work done before the corporate day begins, you’ll be ahead.

Where does the pet franchise fit into this?

The opportune thing about franchising is that if you’re a morning person, that’s great! If you’re a night owl, great! Ultimately you control when you put in the hard work. Franchising gives you agency. Agency to delegate, create, and importantly schedule. The corporate nine to five is irrelevant. You control when you work. Obviously nothing comes easy, you will have to apply yourself.

Determination and Following Through

Larry Page, the man who founded Google woke up and made his dreams a reality. He had a vision and made that vision one of the most successful companies in history. You don’t need to be Larry Page to be successful. But you do need to follow through. Ideas will be an intangible construct of the mind without taking a risk and leaping into your dream. The mantra, “also be closing” depicts the work ethic needed for success. Entrepreneurs need to go full circle. Page not only made a search engine. He made a database that indexes the entire internet with valuable app functioning. Page didn’t stop at search engine.

If you’re the type of person that can’t stop, won’t stop than the entrepreneurial life could suit you. The obstacle every business owner faces is that venture business is a huge gamble. Half of success is calculated risk. This is where the pet franchise may be offer a wise choice.

A start-up may have a brilliant idea, reach a target audience, and supply a product or service that fills a consumer gap. It can still fail. Unfortunately, 9 in 10 do fail. When investors choose a franchise they have  the brand, the marketing, and the managerial assistance at their disposal.

Franchise companies are for people who want to find a lucrative business. A business with more guarantee than gray area. It’s your money, be smart with it.

Flair for Rebellion

Entrepreneurs undoubtedly challenge the status quo. The archetypal scheme is a young person goes to college, realizes a million dollar idea, drops out, starts their company in California , and  makes them millions.  But not everyone can be Mark Zuckerberg. But Zuckerberg-esque traits are common for business owners. Entrepreneurs have such a niche for innovation they do not accept things as they are.

They see products and service, and ask how can these be improved? How can we make it faster, better, and more of it?

This disrupting of the model–an innate component of entrepreneurs. It is something that can be taught and learned.  The technique is something Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique uses every day.

The pet franchise company embraces constant innovation, both in service, and in business. Company participation is encouraged on all levels. If someone has an idea to improve, it is always considered. If it works, it becomes standard. The company wants franchisees to work on the business, not in the business. Other franchises might tell you their model works and to just use it.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique has a model that works and wants you to help make it even better.

One can point at any number of juggernaut entrepreneurs, the Bill Gates, the Howard Schultz, and they have these 5 things in common. It took a keen eye for consumer needs, a relentless work ethic, a person that beats to the sound of their own drum, and the resilience needed to follow through to make the companies we buy stocks in today.

The same is true for Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique. It takes all these things, and it might just take you.