Low Cost Franchise Opportunities in Bibb County Alabama

Although Bibb County, Alabama is one of the smaller counties, in terms of population, it does not mean there are not opportunities to make money on a franchise opportunity. At Splash and Dash for Dogs we are expanding into all parts of Alabama as this state has seen economic growth that is stronger than others. If you are looking to open a pet groomerie or boutique in your home town or close to Bibb County please feel free to reach out to us at 1-760-861-1071. We will be more than happy to discuss low cost franchise opportunities that can help you open your own business for much less than $100,000.

Bibb County, Alabama Demographics

As mentioned earlier, Bibb County is not heavily populated having only 22,512 residents. An interesting note is that over 80% of the individuals that reside in Bibb County are homeowners. This is a very high homeownership rate. Families and individuals that own their own home are much more likely to have pets and especially dogs. Having one’s own home means they also have a front or backyard for the pets to play. With the more rural parts of Alabama being a great place to raise a dog it is also a wonderful opportunity to open a pet store franchise in 2014, 2015 or beyond.


When deciding on the proper location for a pet store franchise it is imperative to look at overall impressions. Although I-20 and I-65 do not go through Bibb County they are very close. In fact, you can basically see Bibb County from I-20 on the northern part of the county. The major highways that are in Bibb County are 82, 219, 25 and 5. Finding a location in or around Centreville will likely lead to the most impressions for your new franchise business.

Zip Codes and Areas Codes in Bibb County

Those looking to market or promote a business in Bibb County will want to make certain they hit all zip and area codes. The zip codes in Bibb County, Alabama include 35034, 35035, 35042, 35184, 35188, 36792 and 36793. The area codes in Bibb County are 205 and 334. The most populated part of Bibb County is Centreville with around 6,000 people. Upon making the final decision to open your pet store franchise we will be more than willing to help you better understand the do’s and don’ts. We also have a number of franchisees that can help you better understand the most important steps to get your business off the ground and making money quickly.

Each and every year the amount of money that is spent on pets rises. The latest statistics show that the pet industry will exceed $73 billion in the next year. This is a great opportunity to start a franchise in an industry that is growing leaps and bounds. Do not hesitate to contact us to get started today.

Additional Information

The county is largely rural, with only 32% of the county classified as urban area. This is partly due to the Talladega National Forest, which occupies roughly one fifth of the county’s land area. The Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge also takes up a sizeable portion of the county. The Refuge prides itself as a tourist attraction that brings visitors to the area to view the special “Cahaba Lilly,” a flower unique to the area. The Refuge also hosts a variety of social events year round, as well as special hunting and fishing events held to raise money for conservation efforts in the area. Both the Talladega National Forest, and the Cahaba River Refuge offer hiking trails and camp grounds.

The abundance of outdoor activities, along with the high homeownership rate, makes Bibb County a likely hot spot for dogs, and active and messy pups at that! There are only three grooming salons within the county limits, which provides plenty of room for competition in a new Splash and Dash Groomerie and Boutique.