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Have the Most Productive Day in Your Pet Grooming Franchise

It doesn’t matter how much you enjoy your pet grooming franchise. Some days you’ll come in and you will just feel exhausted, slow, or stuck. You will hit a personal block at some point where you don’t feel productive and it happens to everybody. What you’ll need is a plan for when those days hit so you can tackle and end it before it becomes a problem. Here are some suggestions for breaking through that block and making one of your most unproductive days one of the most productive.

1. Do What You Dread First

To break through your struggle, thinking about chores or duties of your pet grooming franchise that you’ve been putting off doing because you hate them and tackle them first. Rather than wasting your energy by saying, “I hate this” or “I’ll do it later”, push yourself to get it done. The determination will power-start your task and once you finish the dreaded task, you’ll likely feel pride or relief and the block might be gone. Conquering a challenge is probably one of the best ways to relieve stress because you just stop thinking while you work on it.

2. Set Aside Time High Focus Time

To create something meaningful or to make large changes, you must set aside time each work week to focus on developing valuable products, projects, policies… anything. Set about 4 hours a week aside so you can just sit down and do nothing but evaluate your pet grooming franchise this week. Think of your ups and your downs, the weaknesses you’ve had, and then give focus on what you can do to improve in that weak spot. As you do this, you should see your business changing each week, even if it’s minor. Do not allow yourself to do anything aside from those focus tasks during the time and once you’re done, you’ll have a plan of what to attack to break your unproductive days.

3. Make a Prioritized List

As you evaluate your pet grooming franchise and your needs on a daily basis, take the time to organize them based on how important they are to your pet store and company value. Let the things on the lower end of the list be given to your employs while you take care of the ones on the higher end of the list. Do not let yourself get slowed down by low-priority chores that aren’t difficult, but are time consuming.


4. Find Specific Task and Start Your Day With It

As you walk or drive to your pet grooming franchise, ask yourself, “With the first 30 minutes of my day, what can I do to improve my business?” When you get to work, make it happen. Remember to be realistic with your goal because you want to be able to complete it for the sake of your own confidence, productivity, and workday. Starting your day off with an immediate boost, 30 minutes of a focused task to change the rest of the day, procrastination and unproductivity doesn’t stand a chance.