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Halloween Party Ideas for Pet Grooming Stores

In 2015, Halloween will come on a Friday. This means the kids will likely want to stay out a little bit later than usual. It has become a tradition for many families to bring pets along when going trick or treating or to holiday parties. We have created a list of the best Halloween costumes for dogs. As a pet groomer or pet store franchise owner it is suggested that you offer something unique during this particular holiday. Very rarely do families get the opportunity to dress up both their children and their dogs on the same exact day. In fact, this tends to happen only once or twice a year.

One of the first things we would suggest is to make certain you have treats for both children and dogs. Having been in the pet store industry for some time owners of a pet boutique will know the treats dogs like the most. It never hurts to have a few extra pieces of chocolate candy for the children. Always remember to keep the treats for the kids in a completely different part of your store from the treats for the dogs. You definitely do not want to get these two mixed up. That could cause major problems for all involved.

Something else you can do is decorate your store for Halloween. Pumpkins, inflatables, cobwebs/spiderwebs and window art can be very attractive to potential customers. If you have done a good job of decorating your store there is a chance you will get mentioned in local newspapers or magazines. This extra exposure will help you to get more customers. Taking a few hours a day to decorate during the early part of October will be well worth it by the time Halloween roles around.

Something you do not want to do is to create a scary environment. At Splash and Dash for Dogs we work very hard to make it a fun and comfortable environment for dogs, children and owners. While Halloween is a time for spooky ghosts and goblins there is no reason to take it too far. Coming up with some animated ghosts or zombies can be fun and exciting but you do not want dogs to be scared when they entire your store. This is something to consider when deciding what type of decorations to put up. You may very well want to pass on some of those decorations that have a zombie with it’s head cut off or a witch that cackles and scares everyone that walks in the door.

Do you have some Halloween party ideas that you use for your pet store? If so, what are they? We would love to hear about them.