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The Effects of Sports on Your Retail Franchise

No matter what time of year it is, there is always a sporting event in season. For sports lovers, having their favorite teams playing can be exciting. When you own a pet store franchise in Pinellas County it is important to understand how sports can affect your business.


Sports is Big Business

The sports industry is huge. In the US alone, the it is estimated that $415 Billion a year is spent on sports. This includes everything from tickets to retail items. Just because you have a pet store franchise in Pinellas County does not mean that you cannot capitalize on this market.


The Effect on Local Markets

The biggest markets affected by sports are metro areas with professional teams. For a pet store franchise this means the Tampa Bay Bucs, Rays and Lightning. A large percentage of sports fans are fans of their hometown teams which is what makes this a cash cow for local businesses.


How to Use This to Your Pet Store Franchise in Pinellas County

Now for many franchises utilizing people’s love of sports is not as easy as finding a distributor as you must adhere to the terms of your franchise agreement, including the inventory requirements. This does not mean that you are out of luck. Rather here are a few simple ways to make money from the sports industry:


  • Incorporate local teams into your advertising
  • Use contests such as pets dressed up for their favorite team to bring in business
  • Talk about sports on social media. Try to find a way to bring it back to your business
  • Even timing your social media posts to after games have ended can increase the visibility of your posts.

These are just a few of the ways that you can sports to your advantage when you have a pet store franchise in Pinellas County or anywhere else in the country for that matter. With a little creativity and ingenuity you can help use sports to bring in more business and create lifelong fans and customers.